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  1. Looks good in the cosmos with black vinyl roof. I likes it :-)
  2. Took a couple of mine while i was out yesterday
  3. Hi there is the carpet grey and is it any good? also the front armrest. cheers
  4. I can get the valvoline VR1 20w50 racing oil from work but is it okay to put in a normal car thats just going to be bimbled up the road and back instead of being driven hard? I assumed it was only suitable for racing engines but if it's ok for normal street use I'll get some of that then :thumbup:
  5. Thanks, I think the morris stuff is what I'll be getting :thumbup: I used to use motorcraft oil too cos i worked in a ford garage years ago and every now and again a can of it would accidentally fall into my cortinas boot :lol:
  6. well i suppose i want to stick with it because it seems like a modern 10/40 would be a bit thin and would it have additives in it that weren't suitable or necessary for an older engine? like you say though, the last pintos were probably running on later oils. I don't know that much about the subject though so it seemed safer to go with the best oil i could find that the engine was originally designed for.
  7. Yes sounds like he was being helpfull and taking an extra bit of interest in a classic vehicle, probably wondered why you hadn't checked it :lol:
  8. Hi there, I've been trying to choose a decent 20w50 mineral engine oil for my MK5 1.6, i usually use comma classic but have found another called comma sonic which is supposed to be better. have also looked at penrite, morris golden film and a load of others which i've forgotten. just wondered what other people used and if they had any recommendations? i want to stick with 20w50 though :thumbup:
  9. Hi, I am looking for a grey ghia or crusader carpet for a MK5 and any other grey trim bits and also Blue L seats in york fabric (82 spec) also Blue L doortrims and parcel shelf Thanks. Marcus.
  10. I will maybe have my grey chatsworth interior up for sale this year if i can find some really good L seats in blue as i want to take the interior back to original spec
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