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  1. We took part in a section of the Street Machine Cruise for Charity in Julie's green Thames 300E van,and we still have the van on the road in the same paint ! Pictured here a couple of weeks ago
  2. Sorry this a bit late,some may know of this company,MC Trading ltd. Amongst other things they do new fuel tanks for Cortina's. Here is photo showing part numbers,I don't know if the seal is available separately. Their phone # is on the photo or look them up on the net. In Sevenoaks I think
  3. Sorry for the obvious question but it hasn't been left with E10 fuel sitting in it has it . Try a small amount of fresh E5 down the carb. Failing that, slight corrosion on points,check supply to coil,cranking and not cranking. Worth checking the four terminals inside the dizzy cap for corrosion.
  4. Yes,Autodata manual .Cortina IV covering all models from 1976,car has the number plate blacked out on my copy, looking at it right now
  5. Thanks so much Donald,I will pass him the info.
  6. How much for the mk1 tank,and what’s the condition. also will the single leaf springs fit a Mk1. Enquiring for a mate of mine. contact details please ,on here or PM
  7. Glad you got it sorted Chris , what a malarkey .
  8. We done Neil,I tried getting on here and it kept coming up 'error'. Must have been stressful and tiring,bet you needed a drink after 7hours
  9. Well done Chris, maybe see you next year out and about in it
  10. Be sure to check if that fan will clear the engine,as it doesn't appear to be reversable to put on the front of the rad,the front is the least effective side anyway and should be avoided if at all possible.
  11. Make sure the blocks and pipe are dry and free from any oily residue and / or experiment with a small strip of shim steel no wider than the circumference of the pipe wrapped around the pipe, thickness of the shim will need to be determined by you,but it needs to be very thin. Edit,oh I just noticed you are using the smaller blocks to stop the slipping, although you have typed "5/8" !!!!
  12. No replies ! Why is that ? Now look,I have not done the swap so I am not best qualified to answer this , hopefully this will trigger as response for you and someone will jump in . I do have some crossflow knowledge though. As far as I know a lot of parts are interchangeable,but not all. Don't know why the X member will need slotting ? If a mk2 front bowl sump is used won't that clear,and can't the pre crossflow engine mounts be used. Maybe you need explain why a pre crossflow gearbox mixture of parts are needed. As I have said ,I don't know all the answers but over to someone who does . Next...
  13. A spec of rust may fly off and go in a pedestrians eye,making them fall over with their shopping bags,breaking the eggs and thus depriving the poor innocent starving child waiting at home a meal. It's the 'grey line' really I guess,rust around a mounting point may cause detachment resulting in a crash,but it is a valid point, the small hole indicated above is not that critical,in fact it could be argued that it contributes to forming an impact absorbing area that old cars lacked. So ,the no rust rule anywhere removes the 'grey line'.
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