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  1. I guess i should have titled it thread 'using 97 to 99 octane' as some of it is labelled 97 and others 99 ,Tesco Momentum is 99 and usually at a good price. But whether using 97 or 99 octane going back to the factory timing setting is relevant. Strange that Esso can only supply non ethanol in certain areas ,i didn't know you could get ethanol fee petrol still, Thanks for you reply
  2. Remember when most of us retarded the ignition timing when we switched from 97 octane 4 star to 95 unleaded ? Ive been using E5 super unleaded in the mk3 with EFi pinto ,and it loves it but i noticed the idle speed had lifted ,and realised that i should remove the grounding wire in the loom to move the timing back to 12 degrees BTDC ,it sorted it out and runs so much better So if you are running EFi try it,in fact some non EFi engines may benefit from advancing the timing a small amount to compensate for the higher octane Also took the time to swap the alternator which had a rattling rear bearing, and fit a rubber grommet behind one of the timing belt cover as it was 'buzzing' ,feels overall so smooth now.
  3. we had a mk4 1600 L estate in that colour back in the eighties,it had bright green fabric trim.was an R reg. Unusual to see a Ghia in that colour.
  4. I am using super unleaded,octain on this varies from 97 to 99,Tesco is a good option price wise and it is 99 oops,just re read your post,sorry mouse,I would expect that if the ethanol is removed the remaining octain would be 95,but I don’t know,I have read that the e10 fuel is not the same octain ,but it is still rated as 95,maybe they rounded e10 up to 95.
  5. Hi Gary, im a bit late to this one,i see in your build up that it is a Lockheed (or 'Locheed type',means a copy) that small hydraulic air piston seems to be one of the Lockheeds Achilles heels ,they are notorious for getting stuck through lack of use and holding the brakes on,and you have found the problem. If anyone has bought a new one of the internet etc, normally listed as 'Lockheed type' that seems very good value for money for a new item, it is most likely a copy of a Lockheed ,they have in the past had VERY poor machining in the bores ,and poor assembly. I don't know if they have improved ,but take care if you have one of these. Much better to use a new or rebuilt genuine Lockheed. Another problem with the Lockheed design is that when worn they can start syphoning the brake fluid out of the system without you realising it ,so keep an eye on fluid levels ,or better still fit a modern reservoir or cap with a 'Low Fluid ' warning switch. Thanks for the mention moose
  6. I modified the body mounts etc on the subframe to keep some suspension travel when lowered springs are fitted. Its not a task to take lightly ,its very labour intensive and care is needed not to leave the subframe weakened ,it is much more than just the 4 main mounts to deal with ,alignment ,engine inclination, sump clearance ,anti roll bar mounts ,steering coupling check ,reinforce the subframe mount area and various cable/pipe re routes,im bound to have forgotten something . And it is only possible to go so much, its lot of work for a little gain ,but if you are determined ....
  7. A healthy engine should give hg reading around 15-20 depending on atmospheric pressure. try adjusting air fuel mixture with the gauge connected to the manifold,also check valves for poor seating.
  8. Its so easy to put jobs off though isn't it Beep ,hey ,get the ivy hacker to give you a hand PS,after 7 years laid up it may be best to check for any seized cylinders before bleeding.
  9. Yes,why read it, why post it indeed, well its some activity. For years the illumination light on my ' time' clock in the dash has been out and i keep forgetting to investigate it as its only noticeable at night. So i fixed it yesterday, while unscrewing the cluster, the bulb still in its holder just dropped out from behind and fell on the floor ,put it back in and its all fixed ,took about ten minuets . Told you it was boring But satisfying
  10. Hi Craig,on Sunday i saw an orange 3.0 GXL and the 'GXL' part was joined to the Capri script like you say ,i had a close inspection of the badge and the owner confirmed it was one piece and that he took great care of it during the restoration as he was told it was very rare . So the one piece badge does exist as you thought.
  11. Thanks for posting,always good to see Cortina’s out and about
  12. Just thinking,if the car has not been used since 1999,have the callipers and rear cylinders seized up ?
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