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  1. Excellent Tony, sounds good
  2. Yeah,if all you need is better brakes granada calipers fit cortina upright. My info is more aimed at the need to change to 5 stud, BUT,it is metric 5 stud ford and not imperial UK/USA 5stud,there is a slight difference in PCD.
  3. Hi Tony, you may have already sussed the Granada set up on a Cortina, but i just wanted to remind you of my experience. The Granada uprights/spindles bolt into the Cortina arms, but grow the track out wider (about 15mm each side if i remember right) and induce more negative camber. The Granada hubs will fit Cortina uprights/spindles swapping around the inner bearings, with only slight track width increase. If you are doing something different or have it all sorted ,please ignore my info. good luck with it all mate
  4. Amazing find Tony,yep dark and cold is the way to store tyres .
  5. coming along Tony Blimey ,where did you pick up those tyres,i havnt seen any of that tread pattern BF's in about 40 years !!!! collector's items , ,i had a pair on the back of Capri back in 76 /77. Obviously you will switch to some that have not gone as hard as porcelain for the road, i don't think they gripped well in the wet even when they were new !!! i Wish they still made them,great period looking tyre,i noticed at Santa Pod in September Hot Rod drags that North Hants Tyres had NEW Pro Trac N50x15 white letter tyres remanufactured on sale. I had some Pro Tracs on my Ford Pop when i first put it on the road in 1980.
  6. As above, much better to go separate cooler for the trans,once the water gets in the trans it’s auto rebuild time £££££’s
  7. You could order one on line ,cheaper and free postage,see link at the top of the page
  8. Thanks sorry Gary ,and Phil whoever he is just came to me, there is Phil who comes over from the isle of white .
  9. Hi Phil thanks,yes we fine,we were looking forward to battlesbridge for the 50th,and that we had never been before ,have to be next year hopefully ,looking forward to getting back together
  10. Thanks,yes i have ,here is a list. The Ford Pop : Custom Car Nov 1980,Street Rod and Machine Monthly June 1983,and Custom car January 2004. The Thames Van :Street Machine Dec 1985,and Custom Car Dec 1994. The GXL,Custom Car May 2008.
  11. Thanks Tony,you present me with a bit of a dilemma,printed magazines are having a rough time at the moment with e magazines and more people using on line content ,a lot of american magazines have gone on line only now,so i would not like to do something to upset the publishers of the mag. At the same time forums are suffering because of the advancement of other forms of on line communication. Maybe i will put some up once some time has passed,once the shelf time for this issue of the mag has passed.
  12. I’m a bit late telling you ,but the summer 2020 custom car magazine has feature our cars,it’s still available as it’s a two month run,usually need it ordered in or from smiths or even order it direct from the publishers a pound cheaper and free delivery !!!! (See link) https://shop.kelsey.co.uk/issue/CCA I’m not only really pleased with the 8 page !! Feature ,but also to have all the cars together in the CC 50th anniversary issue along with the iconic ‘Al’s Gasser’ Pop. here is a taster
  13. Don't worry Tony ,according to the date you haven't posted that until September/October ,but if it is you posting from the future can you get me some lottery results and i will settle up with you in the future PS,please PM them to me ,or everyone will win and there will be no big jackpot. (its on American format isn't it)
  14. Blue 2 door looking nice,very nice
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