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  1. As above, much better to go separate cooler for the trans,once the water gets in the trans it’s auto rebuild time £££££’s
  2. Don't worry Tony ,according to the date you haven't posted that until September/October ,but if it is you posting from the future can you get me some lottery results and i will settle up with you in the future PS,please PM them to me ,or everyone will win and there will be no big jackpot. (its on American format isn't it)
  3. Never use the integral trans cooler in radiators, instal a separate trans cooler. I worked in a transmission shop for a while and the amount of failed trans cooler/rads was shocking. when the engine coolant gets into the trans oil the auto box needs a rebuild, it’s just not worth the risk.
  4. Ok Steve,no problems,i may still go round and have a look ,as i am curious as if its still there or whats happend to it ,if anyone else is interested let me know
  5. Ok,I will start trying tomorrow, the guy may not remember me but it won't stop me trying, fingers crossed eh. Unusual for a gxl to be in white not that many gxls in that colour,I seem to remember it was it's original colour from new.
  6. A guy near me (Burntwood /Lichfield ) had a white pre face lift GXL needing restoration in his garage a few years ago ,i can go and knock on his door if you or anyone else is interested,to see if its still there or for sale .
  7. Thanks Beowulf ,you just replied as I posted again ,thanks guys I should have realised
  8. Mmmm I wonder if only I can see it ,maybe it’s the same for all of us and it’s down to privacy that would make sense,thanks for the reply
  9. Just wondering why my internet service provider is showing on every post I make and other users don’t show it,I had a look to see if I could edit it out but it is a requirement,but why is it showing on mine.Can I hide it so it’s not on every post.
  10. Still for sale,still in dry storage,it’s a good door ,just a bit of surface rust. i can rub some of the rust off and take a photo if you want to know if it comes off. NOW SOLD.
  11. Well done Neil for updating the site,we will get use to it,keeps the grey matter working It must take up a lot of your time ,many thanks for what you do
  12. Great thanks Neil :thumbup: my codes are not there but i can now work out the rest of it. Mark,i wonder if the car was "NB medium compression" because it was built with automatic transmission.
  13. Hi Mark, "medium compression " ?. I know there is low compression and HC, but ,Medium does not sound good :unsure: probably is medium anyway with 100k on it :lol: Form is with my legal team at the moment :afro: Thanks Neil,i guess i can't use it if i can't input my codes .
  14. I just tried to us the MK3 vin plate decoder for my MK3 GXL and under " Engine" drop down list my NB code is not there,same in "Trim " my code of J1 is not there. Also do i have to insert the numbers after the Vin BABFMK. And what details do i get back that i may not already know ? Thank you mutchly :thumbup:
  15. Price drop to £50 !!!!!!!! I paid £50 for this back in the late 80's when i was using my late fathers 2.3 Ghia, i was away from home in another car at an auto jumble and bought the wrong side :wacko:
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