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  1. Just thinking,if the car has not been used since 1999,have the callipers and rear cylinders seized up ?
  2. Even with the LR cylinder it should move a little,so possible servo,vacuum supply pipe problem,not run since 1999,possible engine not producing much vacuum.check the pipe for leaks with a gauge,don’t know if those one way valves have a history of blocking up. Cortina servos are not a particularly powerful boost ratio. fairly sure I have the mk5 servo on mine (sorry Craig )it’s only about 2mm clear on the inner wing,I think I may have swapped servo brackets around ,(got the solid bracket and not the straps,is that right Craig,my memory is letting me down on that one) jiggled it a bit and maybe even massaged the panel very slightly.Even so the mk5 servo produced no discernible improvement for me. I am told Mk1 Granada is a boost improvement but definitely would need work to fit it.
  3. Land Rover cylinders have a slightly larger bore size,that will make a difference to the pedal feel,conversely a slightly smaller bore results in less foot pressure required (sharper brakes) but more pedal travel,go too small and the pedal could end up to close to the floor ,it’s a fine line. i have got an escort cylinder that is slightly smaller to fit on mine,but I still have not tried it to see how low it goes yet .
  4. I wonder if anyone has fitted Mk4 bumpers to the facelift model,i guess it would leave the bracket hole where which hold the plastic corner on,even so,a bit of trim to cover,bung hole or paint it.
  5. any good quality wax,non abrasive is ideal for metallic paint as it does not remove any of the clear coat.
  6. Good to see you back Jayne Painting that checker plate ally really give a totally different look ,great idea
  7. I once spoke to guy who bought a Mk3 Cortina GXL with Granada GXL pillar badges on it, he just would not have it that they were not original ,said they were on the car from original If he bought mine it would have been 2.0 efi engine original ,and if he bought yours Tony it would have had a V8 in as original
  8. I must have missed that one Tony
  9. Just snugged up to the Capri badge Craig,i had a facelift GT that was seperate. or in the one photo on the other side, whether he was just expressing artistic licence here or maybe the German ones were badged different i dont know.
  10. Welcome back to ownership it does not look much lower than stock ,looks ok to me,yeah wheels are not the best choice for it,I like the mk4 grill on there ,better than the ‘Venetian blind’ grill that would have been on there ,but maybe that’s just my opinion. enjoy getting to to how you want it and enjoy it
  11. Thats right,I think they were black on the 3.0 GXL Capri too.
  12. Excellent Tony, sounds good
  13. Yeah,if all you need is better brakes granada calipers fit cortina upright. My info is more aimed at the need to change to 5 stud, BUT,it is metric 5 stud ford and not imperial UK/USA 5stud,there is a slight difference in PCD.
  14. Hi Tony, you may have already sussed the Granada set up on a Cortina, but i just wanted to remind you of my experience. The Granada uprights/spindles bolt into the Cortina arms, but grow the track out wider (about 15mm each side if i remember right) and induce more negative camber. The Granada hubs will fit Cortina uprights/spindles swapping around the inner bearings, with only slight track width increase. If you are doing something different or have it all sorted ,please ignore my info. good luck with it all mate
  15. Well it was good to see them not crash the 'Dads cars' though the 1.6GL mk4 came close to the van on the bend Still irritating presenters, but the public want entertainment !! They show some product ignorance ,they could have mentioned there were more powerful versions of the Fords ,so they did not look so underpowered compared to the bmw, a 2.3 V6 Mk4 would have put up a better fight against the bmw,but would you lend them yours, not a chance eh. The Mk4 looked well handsome alongside the others, with good driving shots of it. Lets hope the dark blue one survives unscathed
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