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  1. Now £7200 want to get moving on my next project 👍🏼
  2. Hi have you still got the windscreen?
  3. cool car! I think I’ve seen that car before or one very similar at a few of the shows! 👍🏼😊
  4. Ford Cortina Mk3 1600XL pre face lift. The car is in lovely condition for its age with only a few minor imperfections. It’s recently just had loads of work carried out including some rust and paint repairs. I have loads of before and after pictures documenting the work Carried out. The Sapphire blue paint polishes up lovely and so does all its chrome and stainless trim. Inside is in lovely original condition with only a few minor imperfections. Being the pre face lift model it has the sloping dash with the imitation wood insets. It’s fitted with its original 1600Xflow that has recently had a tune up and now runs sweet, The 4speed manual box also shifts smooth. Overall it’s a very sound car in lovely condition that hasn’t been messed with. it has 36500 on the clock and I believe that to be genuine. it’s ready to drive away and be enjoyed by its new owner. Anymore questions please message👍🏼 SOLD
  5. To be honest with you, I'm barely breaking even with the bits I've had to do on it! Also I do fancy an escort or if not, the cash will help me fund my 1600E that I'm restoring and if it don't sell, il just hang onto it and enjoy going to shows in summer!😊
  6. When I got it, it wasn't firing on all four so it's had a tune up, new carb, new brake lines, new lights, new battery, new rad, fuel system flushed, some new hoses, windscreen wiper motor, there's more odds and ends but can't think off the top of my head!
  7. Hi everyone heres my 68'Mk2 Tina GT/E replica estate it has 10months Mot Free tax Real solid car no rot Interiors in great condition 1600xflow Inbox for more details 3500ono or swap/part ex for a mk1/2 more door escort or mk1 cortina Bedfordshire Cheers! Ben.
  8. Roughly what price bracket are you looking at for it? Id hate to see it cut up! Really does look like a Gooden!!
  9. Oops! You are correct! You learn something new everyday haha! I always assumed s1 cars had pre xflows and s2s had xflows, I just love driving the things!:) both of mine are far from standard and are a mix and match of all trim models
  10. they are both series 2s, when I got the 1600E it was already fitted with the GT dash top so I just stuck with it. the S1 GT dash top is actually my favourite of the dashes!:)
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