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  1. This what I bought and am going to fit :- https://www.fuelpumpsonline.co.uk/cohline-2240-r9-specification-rubber-fuel-injection-hose-8mm-push-on-e85-compatible-ih-008e-45482-p.asp It can cope with ethanol content up to 100%, so good for E10 etc.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I've now found a guy local to me, who charges £40 ph, so that's probably what I'll go for.
  3. Real shame that, but yes, a bit too far. Good luck with you new venture btw.
  4. Its a shame you're not on the south coast, as the sills need replacing on my MK3, inner and outers.
  5. Great work. So, have I understood that you fitted front arch trims to the rear arches ? Is that because they fit better ? I'm quite interested in what you've done.
  6. Just fantastic, bet you're really pleased.
  7. Might be worth checking the headlight relay and the connections to it, on a Mk3 its bolted on the inner wing drivers side and I guess its the same on a Mk5 It's item 25 on this diagram http://www.fordopedia.org/wiring-diagrams/taunus-tc2-cortina-mk4/base-L-GL-models/exterior-lighting
  8. I'd be interested in the drivers inertia seat belt, if it has the arrow head type buckle ( see pic). Are you going to Cortina Day - Monmouth ?
  9. Hi All, I don't suppose anyone has got the wiring loom that goes between the electronic ignition module and the dizzy ? Or just the plug that goes in to the module ? The loom is shown here :- The module part number is : 83bb 12a199 b3a Thanks for looking
  10. Looking good there Power Red ?
  11. Awesome, looks better than it came out of the factory I do like for spray set up with the gazebo.
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