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  1. I'll dig it out and send you some pics
  2. Think I have a pipe somewhere, I can dig it out if you're interested.
  3. Some interesting bits and pieces there👍, I've also got some bits on ebay, trying to have a clear out, to much stuff, not enough room😂
  4. I could do a set of the taller rails with postage for £25.
  5. Speaking to various people and it looks like the lower rails are for pre facelift cars and the higher rails are for facelift cars.
  6. Just wondering if pre facelift have lower seat rail than facelift. As most seats I've had have come out of facelift cars and I have more of the higher rails.
  7. It's possible that it's a pre facelift, facelift thing as I've not had any from a mk4 and mk5 have the seat belt catch attached to it. I have 1 of the lower rails and several of the taller.
  8. Should have some, if someone knows the height of the legs on the outers as I have some with 70mm back legs and 75mm front legs and some with 60mm front legs and 55mm back legs.
  9. I have a MK3 passenger side front wing for sale, in good solid condition, couple rust bubbles and scratches. £150 collection from Somerset.
  10. swcortina

    Breaking mk3

    Don't have the rubbers but got 2 posts, 1 has a slight bend in it.
  11. swcortina

    Breaking mk3

    Sorry already gone
  12. Wow that's a lot of items
  13. swcortina

    Breaking mk3

    No worries, haven't got a mirror or mounting, do have the bolt and bracket for the mirror if you need them.
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