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  1. swcortina

    3/4/5 front hubs with carrier for calipers

    I have a pair here in Somerset if that's any good to you. Rob
  2. swcortina

    Mk3/4/5 front shock top bolts

    PM sent
  3. swcortina

    Mk3/4/5 front shock top bolts

    Should have a pair, will check for you.
  4. swcortina

    Mk3/4/5 1.6 or 2.0 rad

    Ok. Thanks for letting me know.
  5. swcortina

    Mk3/4/5 1.6 or 2.0 rad

    That'll be great if you could. Thanks
  6. swcortina

    Mk3/4/5 1.6 or 2.0 rad

    As title says, my rad has started to weep a bit so I'm in need of a good leak free mk3/4/5 rad ideally with right angle inlet and outlet.
  7. swcortina


  8. swcortina

    Front suspension lower arm bushes for sale mk3 - 5

    Sorry forgot to put mk in tittle, mk3 - 5, tittle now updated
  9. swcortina

    Big list of mk5 parts wanted

    Hi. I have a pair of mk4 estate rear lights which I believe is the same as mk5, I would sell you the ns or the pair.
  10. swcortina

    Mk3/4/5 Rare Repair Panels on Ebay

    Seen them last night, chucked a bid on the other mk3/4/5 panels he has and will be putting a bid on these unless anyone on here is bidding on them.
  11. I have some new old stock rubber lower front arm bushes for sale £16 a pair including postage, £2 will be donated to bsc
  12. swcortina

    two door cortina

    Price, location, spec, year and condition please.
  13. swcortina

    Help with collection from Sussex

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Lobby" data-cid="677879" data-time="1538507879"><p> A little bit far from me I'm afraid, sorry.</p></blockquote> No worries, thanks anyway
  14. Hi all, can anyone help me with the collection of a rear valance from Bognor Regis and get it to Southampton and pass in on to be brought to Yeovil for me. Thanks in advance.