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  1. Call this number +44 7767 395884 tell Bob that Gareth has put you on to him he sells Xflow parts and has any part you need, don’t know where you are but he’s ten mins from Stonehenge
  2. Gareth62


  3. This is what I need: Passenger side with arm rest and NO Speaker cut outs
  4. Hi Andy I need the rear tailgate slam panel catch plate if it's going and maybe the engine mounts....
  5. You could get the seats re-trimmed and get new panels from Aldridge I'm sure Aldridge would do the seat and the whole job
  6. Im coming down to the MTCOC christmas dinner so could take a few bits down as far as Godalming if Paul could get them to me
  7. Have never seen full inner sills always had to make the last part or cut a good one down
  8. Axle vent broken and letting in water so need to replace
  9. Wheel well should fit no problem depending how you cut it but there could be a a little difference at the tail gate end Mk5 will fit a mk3 with a few large washers but mk 3 PFL won't fit Mk5 the mk3 FL Mk4 mk5 has thicker chassis legs....
  10. wow nice love the front clip
  11. Est one comes off the bumper irons and a three foot bar that fits behind the bumper and bolts to the wheel tub Saloon fits to body work and connects to the bumper bolts by an an angled bars in side the boot then bolts to spare wheel tub Both bars are so different the saloon one will normally have a large flat plate in the middle the est will have a much smaller plate
  12. I think Taurnus ones will fit but what's the difference between the vinyl ones and non vinyl ones are the vinyl ones a fraction bigger or are they a different profile
  13. Vinyl roof gutter trims needed for a 1972 mk3 estate. Or where can I buy good reproduction ones?
  14. Vinyl roof gutter trims needed for a 1972 mk3 estate. Or where can I buy good reproduction ones? Other than burtons or East Kent Trim
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