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  1. Sorry and the shorter bottom bolt if possible?
  2. Hi all, has anyone got a spare upper suspension arm bolt ( the long 270mm one) as mine has seized and been destroyed. Many Thanks.
  3. OK thanks for that , I did think that was the outer part but wanted to be sure before I broke it! Interesting you say the polys fit inside 🤔 the remains of original bush. Was getting rubber but will have a think now.
  4. Hi all hope you had good Xmas. Hopefully easy question for someone who fitted these before. Are these the outer casing of the bush and have to be pulled out or are they the sleeve for this type of bush as it fell out very easy
  5. Hi all, does anyone know the correct name of the blue paint used on this and even the ral code for powder coating? Thanks
  6. Mk3 Mahem

    Mk3 bush

    No problem ,I hadn't mentioned looking at the polys before and I might have to end up with them anyway if I cant find these unicorn version. Thanks for the input anyway all help is good help 👍 🙂
  7. Mk3 Mahem

    Mk3 bush

    Hi dgo, yeah I looked at these poly ones before but was intending to keep it rubber for better or worse ( I don't know which the rubber is?) The retroford one is unfortunately the wrong one - thats the rear offset bush.(needs the pointed flange not the sawn off 😒)
  8. Mk3 Mahem

    Mk3 bush

    Cheers anyway! Anyone else out there have a spare one?
  9. Mk3 Mahem

    Mk3 bush

    Hi Craig, any luck with your search for this part? Regards
  10. Mk3 Mahem

    Mk3 bush

    Cheers ,much appreciated.
  11. Mk3 Mahem

    Mk3 bush

    Nah had a good look only as a four pack and I need only the one bush.
  12. Mk3 Mahem

    Mk3 bush

    Hi all, has anyone got one of these front chassis bush spare as opposie side has gone. I can get from germany but after delivery added gets a bit steep, so any this side of the water. Thanks.
  13. Ok ,thanks that gives me an additional search option .ps good list too.ta
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