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  1. Thanks Steve. I was hoping this side of channel but will try them.
  2. Hi all, does anyone have any for sale or know where I can buy these as cant seem to find any anywhere? Thanks
  3. I seem to remember but cant find on here that someone was after rear seat belts for an estate .not mine but hopefully someone wants. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254651721862
  4. Strange how they reversed the connectors orientation on them. Mine is the top one but has about a foot of cable between connectors and switch so different mod again?
  5. Hi Rich, I have this facelift (stamped 75) which I bought as a spare a while ago. Must admit I didnt pay attention to the wiring differences to my pre facelift one. I can now see how much shorter the cable is and different connections but as you say they can be re soldered. It appears to click and spring back correctly but cant meter it out as I dont know which wires do and should connect if correct. If no one else has a pre facelift version and if interested pm me. Pete
  6. It's now gone-Good home found.
  7. Hi all, i dont need this and cant be bothered to try and sell it so first person who pm's me I will stick in a4 envelope (uk only)and post to them for free. Hopefully someone can use.
  8. RT -Thanks for that. You learn something new all the time! Sw can you pm me price and condition please ? Thanks all
  9. Well iv measured the pipes on the matrix ( I dont know if it is the correct one but looks good condition) and looking from above distance is approx 156 mill 6/12 inches between pipe centres but I think the panel had been modified by others as in the holes were further apart originally but one hole had been modified (ripped down) to allow for this closer together matrix pipes. So basically either would probably do as I will make fit but neater than the original one!
  10. Hi, has any got a spare heater plate for the mk3. The one with the two holes where you connect the heater matrix through?. Maybe the same as mk4 and 5? Thanks
  11. Mk3 Mahem

    Heater issue

    I think it's the same just at a slight different angle of photo. But as I said matrix hose may foul with your right hand rocker cover?. Someone on here may have one for sale? But also someone may be able to confirm about it fitting or need different heater box? Shame you not closer and restrictions about or you could of trial fitted
  12. Mk3 Mahem

    Heater issue

    Mines pre facelift 3 and I got this mk5 to replace broken fiberglass early one.allthough not fitted yet I believe as above all the same . I'm assuming yours is an oz spec one then? So I think same rhd panel etc. But looking at your old heater I think it is slimmer different version where the matrix is . I asume this is to allow more room for the v6 as maybe the hoses would foul larger your engine on our bigger heater box? Maybe someone else can clarify this as I have no experience fitting of v6 s in these. Here is my panel to compare.
  13. Mk3 Mahem

    Heater issue

    Tony is that mk3 as I'm not sure and heater doesn't look familiar. But here is my mk3/4/5 version and shows spigot where that connects to to operate flap. Last pic is as in car
  14. Mk3 Mahem

    mk3-5 bits

    Hi .I'll take the cam cover thanks. PM you. Maybe auto pedal too pm'd
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