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  1. Just bought an auto box, with pedals and shifter but the Shifter plastics are not perfect. Anyone got a shifter or the plastics that are very good-spot on? Thanks Mark :thumbup: Ps its the chrome plastic bit that is a bit shabby and the seal.
  2. Anyone got a Chrome rocker cover they want to sell for a pinto?
  3. Thanks Pete. I checked then and at first glance they did not have them. But upon closer inspection they have. I'm still in the Czech Republic so I will probably get these when I'm back! I say probably as I've asked one of the synthetic suppliers if the ones they have are pre facelift and await an answer!
  4. I need either a set of four new, for long term use or at least one new or even one useable as at this poit it is only for temporary fitment to align some welding when I refit the rebuilt subframe to test fit. Thanks in advance Mark
  5. I've got new panels for virtually all the front end now but the NS inner wing needs a repair panel just short of the headlight Any around? Thanks in advance Mark
  6. It's worth a look, mines not frilly it looks like Tom and Jerry cheese :) :thumbup:
  7. Wanted slam panel for 72 GT must be rot free. Thanks in Advance Mark
  8. Wanted Pre Facelift Black GT Door cards. X 4 I believe they are the same as base model? Mines got GXL and I this is one area I would like original . Lancashire. Thanks in advance Mark
  9. Pre face lift Black Door cards by any chance?
  10. Hi This is a bit I was going to fabricate myself but my standards are rising and my time is limited so I think buying the parts in is the best option now. I am not sure if they are all the same on Mk3s Mine is a Pre facelift 4 round light GT (same as GXL) It is the Rear Welded on to the car panel not the bolt on mounting plate. Any usable condition considered. I am based in Lancashire, cash waiting. Thanks in advance Mark
  11. Fantastic, I have sent you PM :thumbup:
  12. Hella Halogen lamp required, Four lamp model, Gt or Gxl Must be Hella as the other three are and Hella and the reflectors are good, plus they convert to to angel eye well. Broke one during conversion. Outer low beam is best but either will do as I just need the outer glass.
  13. Sorted the Lower one got a good NOS one :thumbup: Still need a top or a O/s repair piece.
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