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  1. Lazenby43

    Void Bush tool

    Thanks. Kind offer. I'ved pm'd you.
  2. Lazenby43

    Void Bush tool

    I'd be most grateful.
  3. Lazenby43

    Void Bush tool

    Thanks. Didn't know they varied. Upper. None on ebay currently
  4. Lazenby43

    Void Bush tool

    Ashton in Makerfield, Wigan. If there is one for Hire I would pay a deposit and postage.
  5. Lazenby43

    Void Bush tool

    anyone got a rear bush tool for sale or rent please?
  6. Boxed unit. Offside. No exchange required. £44 including protected Hermes delivery. £38 collected Wigan.
  7. Lazenby43

    mk3/4 radio

    SOLD to me and I'm very pleased. Good to see your superb Mk4 Ghia.
  8. Lazenby43

    mk3/4 radio

    I sent dmc a pm
  9. Lazenby43

    mk3/4 radio

    Sorry, tried again.
  10. Lazenby43

    mk3/4 radio

    I've pm'd you.
  11. Arrived to day. Much appreciated, thanks. Jeff

  12. Thanks for the responses. A kind member of the forum is supplying one.
  13. Hi again Jeff just checked my p/pal I've got money now thanks Roger will pack up tomorrow and send

  14. Jeff that's fine Roger

  15. I've sent £15 and paid the fees, so thanks very much. Can you post to 43 Lazenby Crescent, Ashton in Makerfield, Wigan, WN49NJ.

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