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  1. As headline states. Preferably new but good second hand/used is ok if intact/complete w all sides. Any hints appreciated as the club's was NOS and now sold-out :-(
  2. Bit late but a bit good news; got info from the club that if enough interest emerged there could be a new batch of seals made.
  3. Thanks/Vielen Danke consul315! It's a genuine Automatic originally equipped for a disabled driver. I've got a copy of the original registration document. The current state is 'hibernation'. Waiting for my knee to heal… Meanwhile I'm collecting parts. Some pics:
  4. Thanks both of you! B) I've been in on this for a while. Seems like I better get a sack of chicken feed to go with it… ;)
  5. Looking for both sides Rear Side Window Rubbers for a '66 Estate Automatic. Any info appreciated. TIA!
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