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  1. if you still have it could you text me 07795 167466 cheers john m/cr

  2. hi have you still got the engine and box for sale cheers

  3. i have a 1600 one here 50 quid and a 2.0 five speed 125 and a 2.8 capri 4 speed 80 quid
  4. no 2.8 and 5 speed out of mk2 granny
  5. as it says type 9 from 2.0 capri perfect working order from 75.000 mile car onley taken out as car was converted to v6 located in leicester no gear stick 125 quid
  6. as it says 1600 pinto and 4 speed box perfect working order great runner sounds very sweet pulls wel still in car running can be herd been converted to un leaded newly serviced comeing out soon engine and box 150 im in leicester any intrest ?
  7. 2.0 and 1.6 are same loom
  8. Ive got a 4 bolt one with tourgue converter
  9. ok mate i really duno how to value it how can anyone theres onley 2 its woteva someone is willin to pay i gess
  10. i maybe mad lol im not sure what its worth ive never seen one sell before 5500 ? i duno prob less i dont know thort id offer it on here as want her to go to a good home i dont really wona ebay it
  11. sure most u guys know this car hope someone can post link to my resto thread on here she is up forsale as i gess ive lost intrest and not got much time as life has got in the way want her to go to a good home she 95 persent done just needs few bits fitting she runs n drives n stops its has developed micro bubbels in paint on ps doors n boot lid and roof but was all ways gena put a black viny roof on her so went too botherd bonnet paint is ruff on inside as painted painted over rusty bits but i do have a really nice bonnet to go with her its needs door cards fitting n washer jets pipeing up little jobs couple of week ends worth of work to finish and bumpers repainting as starting to rust they are nos if u read thread had loads of work and new parts car is in leicester im open to realistic offers shes a very very rare car onley two known to be left of this model shes very good car shes allso been converted to unleaded make a lovely show car for someone may take px for another tina maybe
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