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  1. Hi Does anyone have a pair of gutter chromes for a 2 door mk3 Cortina ,that they would be willing to part with ?
  2. Hi Can any one help ? Looking for the chromes to go around the door frame on my 2 door mk3 . Both sides needed. Cheers ken
  3. Hi I.m in Hinckley Leicestershire,on the border with Warwickshire and Staffordshire,not far from Tamworth
  4. Drivers side front wing still available
  5. HI Sorry for the delay I have a couple of offside rear doors,but can only find one nearside,which does have some damage, dented.
  6. Will look next week ,when i,m down the workshop ! I,m sure I have some,not sure if both sides
  7. Which side are you looking for ?
  8. How much for the complete truck ?
  9. Is it a rolling shell ? Do you have any pictures ?
  10. Does it still have engine and gearbox ?
  11. I'll check my container at the weekend, I might have a second hand laminated screen in there. I have new one's ,but I don't think that I have any new one's left to sell.
  12. Is the estate screen the same as a MK3 ?
  13. Have you tried Robin in Ireland 07860 944850 ,he's got most parts
  14. Hi Have you got any parts left for sale ?
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