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  1. Kencrackfixer

    Mk 3 rear doors

    Will look next week ,when i,m down the workshop ! I,m sure I have some,not sure if both sides
  2. Kencrackfixer

    Mk 3 rear doors

    Which side are you looking for ?
  3. Kencrackfixer

    Breaking Sierra P100

    How much for the complete truck ?
  4. Kencrackfixer

    Breaking Sierra P100

    Is it a rolling shell ? Do you have any pictures ?
  5. Kencrackfixer

    Breaking Sierra P100

    Does it still have engine and gearbox ?
  6. Kencrackfixer

    mk4/5 estate windscreen

    I'll check my container at the weekend, I might have a second hand laminated screen in there. I have new one's ,but I don't think that I have any new one's left to sell.
  7. Kencrackfixer

    mk4/5 estate windscreen

    Is the estate screen the same as a MK3 ?
  8. Kencrackfixer

    Wanted: MK4 A posts/hinge panels

    Have you tried Robin in Ireland 07860 944850 ,he's got most parts
  9. Kencrackfixer

    Wanted: MK4 A posts/hinge panels

    Got mine from Motobil
  10. Kencrackfixer

    2.0 pinto, 5 speed and stuff

    Hi Have you got any parts left for sale ?
  11. Kencrackfixer

    MK3 Cortina Front Wings

    One nearside has been sold ! One nearside left and two offside
  12. Kencrackfixer

    Door Card Clips

    As soon as I can Need them for the uphosterer ,so he can line up the door cards on the 2 door ,before he does the stiching
  13. Kencrackfixer

    Door Card Clips

    Hi Looking for door card clips for a MK3 Does any one have a pile that they want to sell ? Or can any one point me in the right direction to a company that sells them. Looking for enougth for two complete cars
  14. Kencrackfixer

    Mk3 Saloon Roof wanted

    Do you need full roof ? Or will 2 halfs work
  15. Kencrackfixer

    MK3 Cortina Front Wings

    Another wing