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  1. Thanks Dean Its been a mamouth task,as I brought the car as a shell with the parts,but the parts had never been on this shell and most things needed altering or refurbish and getting anything refurbed at the moment just seems to take an age. something simple like water hoses from Burton power took over 12 weeks!worth it in the end!
  2. Been a while since last posting,but it always appears to be one step forward,and two steps back!still waiting on p arts to be restored
  3. Hi can any one advise on the best battery to use on my 2.0 pinto MK3 Cortina ? I am limited in length to 180 mm due to carbs. I would like to have as much power as possible to give better starting. All advice welcome cheers ken
  4. Hi Ken. 

    im after a front screen for a mk3 cortina 2000e tinted. Any chance you’d have one for sale??


    regards Steve. 

    1. Kencrackfixer


      Might have a used one,would need to look on Sunday,when I go down to the farm.

      send me your contact details and I call call you when there!

  5. Turns out that their original handles are actually for a Capri! lock in wrong postion
  6. Are you getting the rockers rechromed yourself? or are you buying already done ?
  7. Hi looking to purchase a pair of twin 40 and manifold for a pinto. Any one have a set,not going to be used ,or know of a set. Thanks
  8. Hi Long shot I know ! But does anyone have a pair of new old stock rear lenses for a pfl saloon xmas present for the wife for her GT rebuild cheers ken
  9. Is it possible to obtain new gaskets for the heater box ?
  10. Would you have a photo showing it in situ ?
  11. Hi Does any one have any idea what this is ? What does it do ? Where does it go ? I must of taken it off a Mk3 at some point , I found it in a box I had sent to be plated
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