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  1. Hi Ken. 

    im after a front screen for a mk3 cortina 2000e tinted. Any chance you’d have one for sale??


    regards Steve. 

    1. Kencrackfixer


      Might have a used one,would need to look on Sunday,when I go down to the farm.

      send me your contact details and I call call you when there!

  2. Turns out that their original handles are actually for a Capri! lock in wrong postion
  3. Are you getting the rockers rechromed yourself? or are you buying already done ?
  4. Hi looking to purchase a pair of twin 40 and manifold for a pinto. Any one have a set,not going to be used ,or know of a set. Thanks
  5. Hi Long shot I know ! But does anyone have a pair of new old stock rear lenses for a pfl saloon xmas present for the wife for her GT rebuild cheers ken
  6. Is it possible to obtain new gaskets for the heater box ?
  7. Would you have a photo showing it in situ ?
  8. Hi Does any one have any idea what this is ? What does it do ? Where does it go ? I must of taken it off a Mk3 at some point , I found it in a box I had sent to be plated
  9. We are with Footman James and they have used BSC as an appropiate club ,when they asked for the membership nos , i told them that we didn't have one and they were happy to continue insuring us
  10. Yes I did . I have asked them to send me a photo of an original and reproduction, but still waiting on a response
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