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  1. Terri M

    Breaking mk3

    Hi Beeper, they sell both the posts and rubber stops at Burton power, https://www.burtonpower.com/bonnet-bump-stop-front-pair-escort-mk2-capri-2-3-cortina-pl100.html £7.50 for the pair and I think the post are £3 each https://www.burtonpower.com/bonnet-bump-stop-support-adjuster-escort-capri-etc-bp1019.html
  2. The whole thing is very thin stamped aluminium I think,it's one whole piece stuck onto the silver bezel,I tried to get the brown paint off it and stupidly melted the bloody thing with a blow torch.like an idiot.i peeled the sheet off and half of it is destroyed,it looks way better than the sticker and is too good to be made by someone it looks very genuine,I'm wondering if it came off another car perhaps American. Because it has the word RAM stamped on (obscured by the tin foil in the picture),we don't really use ram in our vocabulary do we. I would love to get a replacement,interesting that it could be printed onto vinyl I've still got the remains if someone could use it as a template,,I have found the font in word it's very 1970 ish.
  3. This is what I messed up,I have never seen another,has anyone seen one or got one in their car?
  4. http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/54570-my-gxl-buildrewind/page__st__30__p__484905__hl__%2Bfiat+%2Bcoupe__fromsearch__1#entry484905 Captains scarlet fitted fiat coupe leather interior to his car,it looks like it grew there,I liked it so much I copied him,it looks fab,I have no pics of mine cus I have striped inside of car at the moment to fix floor and add carpet
  5. Hiya ,I have pm'd you thanks Terri :thumbup:
  6. Hi Tony ,iam after two doors passenger side front and rear,for my mk3 4 door ,do you have any for Sale not far from you in Rugeley,kind regards Terri
  7. Hiya ,I've sent you a personal message,thanks terri
  8. Not the ones,the early one had words not symbols thanks for looking.
  9. Can I buy one please :thumbup:
  10. Hi all,I need a heater face please it's the early type with words hot cold etc. and not the symbols one,for a mk3,please have a look for me,I have wrecked mine trying to restore it... :oops: :wife:
  11. Terri M

    Door Cards

    Dudess .... :thumbup: :shocking: ,my pleasure,Pete love looking at your stuff on youtube ,it's given me the confidence to get stuck into my car,never done cars before,but I love the mk3 wished I'd have started years ago.
  12. Terri M

    Door Cards

    I have just removed mine yesterday to have them powdercoated along with my dash.....the pins are held on with push ons,they are very tough to get off if rusty,so a knats wd40 and the a small jewellers screw driver,dig in hard at one side and lever the prong off the post it is gripping tightly to,the first few are a bit of a fiddle but you get the hang of it after a few,don't be scared to dig in hard but watch you don't stab yourself.....I have made two door cards today my old ones are very warped so this is fresh in my mind....
  13. Hi all, I need a drivers door black card that fits the preface with a fake wood panel,my car is an L but has 3 Xl/gxl door cards and one (the drivers door) L/GT card,please let me know if I can buy one off you,kind regards Terri
  14. Terri M

    Mk3 carpet black

    Oh yes please Steve ,are they £100 ish!
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