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  1. I got it near dublin, I had been daily rummaging through the internet for the last 4 years i'd say haha.
  2. I just bought this and it might be of interest to some of ye Cortina folk. What are your thoughts?
  3. Video link: https://youtu.be/vNuIK3kKH88
  4. Thank you. I'm purely selling for a change. I love this car but can't afford to buy another one and keep this so I'll see what happens.
  5. Hey there, I'm looking around 4250 for it.
  6. 1978 Ford Cortina Mk4 Ghia 2.0L This car is in excellent condition for 37 years old. It is an exceptional looking car in everyday use. • 2.0L Pinto Engine (123k Miles) nice raspy pinto sound. • Manual - 4 speed • NCT Exempt • €56 Yearly Tax • Wood and Cream velour interior • Vinyl Roof with Factory Sunroof in perfect condition (No Leaks) • Spot Lights • Ziebart Rust Protection (underneath, sills, engine bay etc.) • New Head Gasket, clutch, bell housing, drive coupling, k&n air filter, valve seats, fan belt, radiator, stainless steel exhaust, four branch manifold etc.) • Converted to Unleaded • Rear Seat Belts and Arm Rest Just testing the water here. Thanks for looking.
  7. Excellent, thank you. That's a great help. Could I have seriously damaged any bolts by the doughnut breaking?
  8. Thank you so much for the reply. That's a great help. Could I have damaged it badly by letting it get to the stage it has?
  9. Well Folks, So i've been driving about in my overly vibrating cortina mk4 knowing that at any moment the rubber doughnut in the driveshaft was on the way out. anyways, the inevitable happened at it disintegrated on me... (outcome below). so what i'm wondering is... • How bad does this look to ye? • Does the part in the other photo look bad too? • And, is this a big job to fix??? Thank you for any help in getting this gem back on the road.
  10. Thanks for the replies folks, I will make sure to check everything mentioned... even the mice ha ha
  11. In the last week, my mk4 has been making this squeaking sound but it only happens when the car is slowing down in gear. As soon as i put it in neutral, it goes away. The noise is also louder in reverse and again stops when i'm rolling backwards out of gear. Has anybody got any ideas of what this could be? Tis awful annoying ha ha. Thanks
  12. I've test fitted them and i'm thinking a 185/60 tyre will be what i need. they do stick out slightly, an inch max but i'm fine with that. what size tyres have you on yours? any pics of your yoke?
  13. I'll convince ye yet lads, just ye wait and see ;)
  14. I do like the thin white walls. I've seen them in a mk4 and they liked very nice. For me, a full white wall belongs in the 50s cars. Also wanna try the banded steel look as I personally like it and it's simple to change back to original. Just something a little different =)
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