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  1. I got it near dublin, I had been daily rummaging through the internet for the last 4 years i'd say haha.
  2. I just bought this and it might be of interest to some of ye Cortina folk. What are your thoughts?
  3. Video link: https://youtu.be/vNuIK3kKH88
  4. Thank you. I'm purely selling for a change. I love this car but can't afford to buy another one and keep this so I'll see what happens.
  5. Hey there, I'm looking around 4250 for it.
  6. 1978 Ford Cortina Mk4 Ghia 2.0L This car is in excellent condition for 37 years old. It is an exceptional looking car in everyday use. • 2.0L Pinto Engine (123k Miles) nice raspy pinto sound. • Manual - 4 speed • NCT Exempt • €56 Yearly Tax • Wood and Cream velour interior • Vinyl Roof with Factory Sunroof in perfect condition (No Leaks) • Spot Lights • Ziebart Rust Protection (underneath, sills, engine bay etc.) • New Head Gasket, clutch, bell housing, drive coupling, k&n air filter, valve seats, fan belt, radiator, stainless steel exhaust, four branch manifold etc.) • Converted to Unleaded • Rear Seat Belts and Arm Rest Just testing the water here. Thanks for looking.
  7. I have a pair of mk5 Sunvisors in great condition. They are the black on the interior side and light cream on the exterior side. Mirror on passenger side sunvisor. These come with all fittings and screws. Bought these recently for my mk4 but they do not fit so they might suit someone else. These are located in Ireland but i can post elsewhere if required. Price is €20 + Postage Thank You
  8. Im looking for a passenger sunvisor for my mk4. i think the late mk3's and the mk5's may have the same shape sunvisor (but i'm not too sure). The one i'm looking for is black on the interior side and cream on the outer side (as seen in the picture below). thanks.
  9. Thanks for all the help folks. Absolutely delighted to get it back on the road and now it's better than ever. no leaky radiator, no oil leaks, new gaskets and running on unleaded. yahhoooooo
  10. Timed the car today according to the haynes manual and it's now running sweet as a nut without any knocks or misfires, delighted :)
  11. I'm gonna get it timed tomorrow, I hope you're right, Jaysus everyone is so helpful here, it's great =)
  12. oh jaysus i hope so, if it's big end wear or something internal from the bottom end, i think i'll give up :/
  13. right so i got the car started today, everything sounded great until i went to drive it home i noticed a kind of clanking sound on acceleration while coming up to 30mph - 40mph. it seems to lack power to especially uphill. would anybody have any ideas on this? thanks
  14. ha ha, yeah i can see on the hose that there's slight wear from that happening before. i'm just gonna get the timing double checked first, then chuck on the cover. thanks buddy
  15. i have to tighten the spark plugs yet, i had to go to work so that's as far as i got. i hope to fugg everything is fine. i have never thought id attmpt to change a head gasket as my knowledge is very minimal but the only way to learn is to throw yourself in the deep end haha. i also havent gotten around to checking for leaks yet as it's been non stop raining so that's definitely next on the agenda. thanks for all the info and help everyone
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