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  1. is the unread content button not the same thing i have been using that but i'm not sure if its working the same.
  2. I think i have some, i shall check later.
  3. bloody hell it must be better if Beowulf can upload a pic off his phone, well done sir!
  4. mk4ste

    Forum Problems

    i cant find it either.
  5. mk4ste

    Forum Problems

    Is it possible to post pictures from your pc yet as it would be much simpler.?
  6. mk4ste

    1600e for sale

    very good reliable car this that goes well :thumbup:
  7. car ownership now resolved
  8. Thinking of selling my mk4 ghia all serious offers considered, totally original never welded or painted,2 owners 40k miles.spotless interior.
  9. Thanks for the replies folks, this is now sorted i received a new one today, nice one Mike :thumbup:
  10. Thanks Steve, thats handy to know. :thumbup:
  11. Quality, thanks Mike :thumbup:
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