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  1. Well I've actually sold my Cortina 16oo GT.  Some may have seen it advertised on here. I'll be maintaining my presence on here for the forseeable future as I may have an answer to somebodies question. Just my luck that the my buyer is in Australia. He paid a lot of money to have the car professionally inspected and for him to be able to negotiate on his behalf A bit like Wayne Carini but with really good engineering knowledge. I was impressed. I have even been paid and the buyer is paying for door to door transport. The sticking point now I have learnt is the bureaucracy of the Australian authorities regarding an import permit. They have questioned a small oil drip at the back of the gear box. If it's wiped it won't show again for ages. A bit different from my Midget's A series engine. I also have to have an asbestos check done. Not sure how this will turn out. If anyone has had any experience of this awful exercise I would appreciate your help


  2. Thanks for your wishes. What a difference a K makes. OK to O!. A thousand times different, but I hope members will understand
  3. I have had this lovely GT for 8 years now but it is not seeing much use these days and needs to be enjoyed by a someone else. The car was stored off the road for 23 years until 2012 when I purchased it off the bloke who had brought it out of storage, spent a lot of time and money on new wings and parts. Once with me I removed the head and renewed the worn cam shaft (Pinto Engine), replaced the oil spray bar and fitted a new cam belt. Whilst the head was off I had hardened valve seats fitted. It has electronic ignition and 5 speed Type 9 gearbox fitted. I fitted inertia seat belts front and rear I renewed the GT freeflow exhaust manifold with a replacement made by John Ashley and had it aluminised. The exhaust from there back was replaced by a Longlife stainless system. The vinyl roof had been replaced by the previous owner but I was not happy with some bubbling. I had it done again by a professional auto trimmer. Front and rear windscreens come out for this. I located the correct Ford vinyl with which to have the job done and it is much admired. The mileage quoted is what is showing on the odometer and is not guaranteed. There is no rust to the best of my knowledge and just look at the photos for condition I checked what price these were going for and was shocked to see 3 GT's varying between £19k and £24K. I thought, no way. I have put on that classified £17 and open to offers but I will take a more realistic offer from forum members
  4. Agree with Tibbs. It was better before. Don't mind change if it is for the better. Not for the sake of it
  5. When you are looking for a classic car, miles away doesn't matter. You can't pop down your dealership. You have to be prepared to travel
  6. I have signed the petition to stop the use of noise cameras.

    I am not in favour of noise pollution and I know very noisy vehicles can be annoying. I am not sure how big an issue it is but I haven't heard a noisy vehicle lateley. If anyone has an issue they should report so the police can get that particular vehicle tested. It will eith pass or fail. Job done. What I am againts is the spending of millions on a disproportionate infrastructure. Governments seem good at these expensive broad brush solutions instead of facing up to the individual. If I was in charge of goverment purse strings I could think of much better ways to spend that money.

    There is also a concern in the classic car world and I have read that the FBHVC have not been informed. Companies such as Morgan and TVR have offered to help but that help to my knowledge has not been accepted

  7. Hi 1975. I've just put one on ebay but not sure if it is any better than yours. I have not opened it up but there is certainly surface rust showing at the opening. Whether it would polish or need resleeving I don't know. If you were to resleeve you may as well do yours. The part number on the one I have advertised is 6467 9155 0196 which is different from the ione on my MK3 pre face lift.
  8. The material supplier in Salford is Segal Trimming. 0161 834 7994. You need to ask for the original Ford texture
  9. I'll contact Autotrimmers tomorrow and see if they recorded who I referred them to for material. The Salford supplier was not supplying a roof but material to make a roof.
  10. I was told this was an awful job and best left to professionals. Had mine done at Autotrimmers in Middlesbrough. Not cheap as the old vinyl has to be stripped and roof prep'd as well as front and rear screens to come out. It was £360 + whatever I had to pay separately for screen removal and refit. They said they would probably charge more if they did another one. Excellent job though. Also be careful to source Ford pattern vinyl. I got mine from somewhere based in Salford but can't remember their name
  11. Probably easier to buy new Securon. I bought mine on line from Jayar Components Ltd
  12. Can I please have a look at the routing of the rear exhaust as I am having problems. 01287632560

  13. I turned the original one round 180 deg and welded on some lugs. This save obtaining a new one and can be used if a future owner wants an original 4 speed back in
  14. When I recently had my tank out of the mk3 I found the old filter rolling about in the tank. I have not replaced it and rely on the inline filter. Can't drop again
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