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  1. Well I've actually sold my Cortina 16oo GT.  Some may have seen it advertised on here. I'll be maintaining my presence on here for the forseeable future as I may have an answer to somebodies question. Just my luck that the my buyer is in Australia. He paid a lot of money to have the car professionally inspected and for him to be able to negotiate on his behalf A bit like Wayne Carini but with really good engineering knowledge. I was impressed. I have even been paid and the buyer is paying for door to door transport. The sticking point now I have learnt is the bureaucracy of the Australian authorities regarding an import permit. They have questioned a small oil drip at the back of the gear box. If it's wiped it won't show again for ages. A bit different from my Midget's A series engine. I also have to have an asbestos check done. Not sure how this will turn out. If anyone has had any experience of this awful exercise I would appreciate your help


    1. SusanButcher


      I didn't have any trouble like that when brought in my Corsair in. That was 2009, and the only import requirement was a steam clean to kill off any nasty Old World organisms that had hitched a ride to Australia. (But they missed the empty wasp nest under the dash!) The Cortina's a more recent car, so I guess you'd come up against the Australian Design Rules when importing, but surely oil leaks are the business of the people who do the roadworthy testing for registration once the car's arrived?

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