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  1. As above Iam looking for a original ford air filter set up to fit a 1600 xflow fitted with a twin choke Weber carb. thanks Paul.
  2. Engine found thanks
  3. As above Iam looking to upgrade my 1300pre xflow to a 1600 xflow. Complete running engine preferred, don’t mind if it’s missing carbs manifolds etc.must be around the yorkshire/ Lancashire area or if your willing to pallet up and post that’s fine.its going into a mk2 cortina.thanks paul.
  4. Payment sent. Thanks paul.
  5. Could you pm your perferd payment details thanks paul.
  6. That’s sound it is just the exhaust manifold I need. I have the inlet side in the garage somewhere.what sort of condition is it in and how much posted to Wakefield?. Thanks paul.
  7. As above I require a 4 branch exhaust manifold for a pre Xflow. It’s for my mk2 1300cc but I think a mk1 would fit. Thanks paul.
  8. Where abouts are you based mate?? Thanks paul.
  9. Xflow inlet manifold plus used twin choke 32DFM4 carb.the carb is untested and the inlet is in very good contion. Any questions please ask. I can spilt the carb and manifold if requested. £80 plus p+p.
  10. I have 5x sets of the ford letters.all in good useable condition with there pins intact on the rear. £15 per set including Uk postage.
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