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  1. I did mine in February and used some Stormguard Jumbo Rubber Foam Weatherstrip from toolstation. I find that from factory,the box is too slack from the panel it is suppose to rest onto. Mine was a tad rusty Treated with Fertan
  2. just need to pick out the correct ones thanks
  3. need to wear factor 50 with those lights
  4. I can't remember what fastened the cowl,are they self tappers or Pozi set screws?
  5. ....in Stoke industrial estate. Somebody we know?
  6. That's a shame,are you sure that you interest might be revived. Usually family life takes priority
  7. I have had the black Sierra type since I have had the Cortina,but seem to be rare now. So I have bought a Peugeot / Citroen type and tested VID_20240612_153711808.mp4
  8. How much are trailer boards? You might be able to get a set of rear 7.5t (or bigger) truck lights for a decent price
  9. Does the spring actually serve a purpose? On mine,I have done away with spring and just used an M8 hex bolt. To get the sufficient tension,I come between bolt for the belt cover,and the tensioner plate edge and lever down and fasten up tight the adjusting bolt
  10. this photo shows the back where the wiring plug goes and the trackers (lines) will provide power to the clocks. The black objects are bulb holders
  11. Oxfordshire too far from Manchester. But I reckon you are savvy in improvising. Do you think a flanged bolt will be wide enough to sit on the spring?
  12. it is a shoulder bolt. I use a standard bolt and use a dowel to replicate it. Where in Blighty are you?
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