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  1. I find that when I haven't used mine for a while,the dash electrics don't come on. But when I give it a few goes,the dash electrics come on and it'll fire up eventually. I suspect it's the 12v cable aging.
  2. Well,a good portion of the roof,the underside
  3. how different are they 2 or 3 inches around the sunroof?
  4. If you mean Baglow,I've asked him.
  5. I'm still in search for a roof for my MK5,as it has rotted on the underside.
  6. You'll need the twin V-belt groove for the crank and alternator. Other option is E(lectric) P(ower) S(teering)
  7. Bejesus Steve!! Looks superb,in showroom condition.
  8. Usually,people need a car lift/post which requires an extra height in the building,which won't sit well with the local council
  9. The only drawback on that,is that the person(s) you share with might decide to pack up later in the contract,leaving you with the larger rent fee
  10. When you do find one,they are 2K a month once all the fees have been chucked on. last year I had the battle to find another one for £350 because the landlord has come to the conclusion to knock them down due to flood damage to the rear wall. The same landlord offered me one 25 miles away which I had to take,compared to the one I did have,4 miles away
  11. The GNO 116T according to DVLA it's suppose to be white
  12. Might be cheaper with Jetex prices https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ASSO-exhaust-rear-silencer-FORD-Taunus-estate-1-3-1-6/163997631206?hash=item262f0542e6:g:VqkAAOSw8LNd~J4F
  13. Jezadude,Digbys in Heywood will refurb your starter. I have a Capri 1,6 auto and have a spare starter in the boot and has the part number 83bb11000ca. The link John Mack had put up,is the correct starter....there are some strong prices out there
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