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  1. Hi wondered if you have mk2 inner wings?



  2. a corsair is related to the cortina isn,t it?...if any one is looking for something different and probably one of the rarest models of uk classic fords...i have to early 66 corsair v4 gt,s for sale,and a v4 deluxe bench and column change....the v4 gt as i am sure you know was only made for about a year and changed in august 66 from the pre crossflow type seating to the deluxe type,,with a few other changes,,and a different servo....these are both the early type,,,both dragoon red,with black gt interior,,,just don,t have the time at the moment and the capri is such good fun i don,t want to part with it.....you can view both at the same time ,,,
  3. i think it is the drivers side,,,did i mention it is a used one,,,i also bought a lot of very very good used panels and doors for rarer cars,,,they are not the usual rubbish you find here,,and obviously will be cheaper than the new ones,,,,none have ever seen filler and most still have original paint and they are all complete with glass etc,,,cost a little more than bare new ones to ship because of the weight,,,but well worth the effort.. the trim and small chrome bits is going to take some serious sorting but the ones still in the original ford cellophane packs with part numbers will obviously be easier though some may turn out to be taunus as i did not have time to take those out,,and anyway,,,theres still a good few of them in the uk... the first shipment is here and there are still a few mk3 bits left though there was not much to start with,,,,let me know what you want....regards dave
  4. i can,t be sure yet as i just picked up boxes and packets and put them into bigger boxes,,,i did find a full box of different ashtrays that will need to be sorted,,,some with quarter light latches that will need to be indentified,,,and lots of odd loose bits that i just put in the bigger boxes,,,,time and space was at a premium and it has taken 8 months to get a look in the warehouse even though i have bought parts from it before...and the camera was banned lol....but if they are there i will let you know.
  5. yes it is for a 2 door car but i can,t remember which side lol....regards dave
  6. The next shipment from southern europe is being prepared for transport and includes a lot of cortina parts for mk1,2 3 and 4,,,all genuine ford,,,for the mk4 fans there are front wings,,,,,2 door doors and rear quarters,,,bootlids,,lights and a couple of brand new 2 spoke steering wheels,,,,for mk1,s doors and skins,,,suspension parts,,legs shocks,,,chrome interior parts,,,sunvisors,,,door handles,,,,hoses,,,and much more,,,mk2 doors and skins,,,suspemsion,,,,door handles,,,and again much more,,,a mk3 3 door door,,,,and 1x gxl gt four headlight grill with complete with new light surround ringsand new 3 clock dash panels,,,,suspension,,,etc and so much more,,,,,and lots for other fords
  7. i remember it well,,you went to your friend out towards mallow,,,i would have it back in a shot too,,,,,i suppose you have seen ojo226m on here,,,i sold that too,,,not a hope of getting that one back,,,,just stuck a 2 door rear quarter on ebay you might need lol.
  8. http://s852.photobucket.com/user/streakydave/media/DSCN7261_zpsbd93ddf0.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2 here is a link to a picture of them,,,don,t think they are what you require....dave
  9. Jesus,,how have i become an advanced member lol,,or is that because of my age....only one mk2 door arrived the other is mk1..
  10. I bought a 2000e some time ago and lots of new parts came with it,,,i sold the car to ireland and sat on the parts for ages waiting for another mk3 that needed them but never found one that did so they went on ebay,,,,now that is not to say when i go out again on the 16th october to sort the next warehouse they won,t be there......keep watching lol
  11. ok,,there here and in my possession,,a few bits i expected are not there and theres a few that i was not expecting,and most of the ones not there are corsair which i wanted lol,cortina wise the ones i was not expecting are a 2 door mk1 door and a 2 door mk3 rear quarter,,,the pair of mk2 doors turned out to be 1 mk1 and 1 mk2,,,,the late arrival of the truck,,an appointment with my shrink and the rain cut short the sorting process but there is a few more consul,zephyr zodiac mk2 panels than i expected.now the two cortina bits mentioned have been asked for many times,,,both on the forum and in pm,s and by people who i contacted to let them know there was panels coming so the fairest way both for me and everyone that asked for them is going to be ebay i think, unless i can be persuaded otherwise,,,there are lots of other cortina and escort doors yet to be sorted but a quick look through indicates mk2 series 1 and 2...marked as 65 cortina and 67/70 cortina and a bonnet that i think is mk1 cortina but to be confirmed,,,there are also the mk3 cortina doors front and rear but the total of each still needs to be checked,,the one mk4 zodiac front wing has turned into a pair,,,the mk3 type taunus bonnet is there...i am at work tomorrow so beer permitting i will have another sort through over the weekend,,,there is also front and rear valances yet to be identified a few slam panels in the same boat and a few bits i have no idea what they are for other than i know they are ford,,,two bootlids yet to be identified .look at my ebay feedback,,,i describe things correctly warts and all so if anything is damaged when inspected it will be sold as described,,,but coming from a warm dry climate i can say now any surface rust is minimal and most still have there ford part number stickers still attached,,and considering they could be 40 to 60 years old been stored and transported across europe by truck any damage at first glance is superficial...but as i said they will be inspected before they leave me..
  12. the lad down in kerry was me,,,that is the one i have been asking about,,,,,,looks well why did you sell it...
  13. Those days are long gone,,,i would love to get some of the cars i sold there back,,,,the 3000e capri,,,the p6 with the mango leather,,a couple of the xj6.s,,the mk3 2 door gt,,,,my mk2 series one lotus,,,or the red mk3....all really nice cars,,,,wonder if they still are though.....lots bought them just because they had money with no real interest in maintaining them..
  14. going to have to look into this further,,,,,seems it could be worth a veiwing
  15. i,ll know tomorrow morning if it has all turned up,,,been trying to confirm for three days but the young lady driving the artic left her phone at home lol...anyway i,m her second place to unload....hope shes handy with the unloading..
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