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  1. I just walked over the road and it has gone. I have asked my dad to have a look in the week and if it there again, grab some details for you.
  2. There was a Mark 2 for sale across the road from me for sale on Friday, I spotted it as I was driving home from work, I will go and have a look in a while and see if its still there and price etc
  3. No worries Dave. It was a pleasure to do it for you and have a passenger ride. I will look at work to see if we have any wavey washers on Tuesday to stop the rattling seat belt fixings.
  4. Mot booked for next Saturday, I have my clean overalls and polished the ramp in advance :angel_not:
  5. Sounds great!let me know when you are ready for me to do the Mot.
  6. Don't forget about my triumph acclaim 😃
  7. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday for Cortina fun 😀
  8. Looks absolutely stunning, be ready for an MOT before you know it!! I know just the man locally to you that would love the honour of doing that for you :icecream:
  9. I have a pair or rear inertia reel seat belts and buckles in good working order removed from my Triumph Acclaim :sofa: that I am willing to give away for free to anyone one here that can make use of them. They can be fitted flat or upright and have an adjustable locking mechanism to take account for this. Can be collected from Reigate or Crawley or I am willing to post for if you pay me the post cost.
  10. Very nice! Guy at work has just fitted a similar set to a Zetec engined kitcar. He brought a manifold from Chester Sportscars, not cheap, but beautifully made.
  11. This time a white P reg with rectangular headlamps in Dovers Green Road, Reigate at around 6.50 yesterday evening going towards Gatwick on the A217, I was going the other way, just caught sight of the rear in my mirror, appeared to have a P100 back fitted, anyone on here spotted it or know who owns it..
  12. Ahhh, that does sound like this is the one I spotted, I noticed that it was it was now sporting a GXL 4 headlamp grill and headlamps. Unfortunately I only saw it driving not parked and was with SWMBO who told me off for ogling it and concentrate on the bloody road :wife:
  13. Around 4.15 this afternoon in Merstham, Surrey, I spotted an orange K reg mark 3 Bakkie in Nutfield Road. Didn't have a camera with me to take a pic, anyone on here seen it before?
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