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  1. 1 inch bore size will need the kick of a mule to stop it, it will be like stamping on a solid pedal... Try to find a dual master from a 1968 "export" mk2 Cortina (it will have vertical bolt holes and will fit more or less straight on). Or find a dual master from a 1969-70 "export" mk2 Cortina, it will have horisontal bolt holes, so you will then also need the 90 degree adaptor, from the same type of car. Ideally, you want either 0.7" or 3/4" bore size, to avoid it beeing too heavy in operation (without a servo). Some sources in UK: J.C.L., tel 0116 2355348 / 07831 720023 (he usually keeps a few NOS dual Girling masters in stock) Powertrack, UK
  2. If you fit a 2731 6-bolt engine&flywheel, a mk1 bellhousing+box, and a mk2 Cortina diaphragm clutch, the carrier for the throwout bearing will be too short, so you will need an extension/spacer. Neil McCarty at 105Speed will sell you the spacer you need.
  3. Ford guys Motomobil in Germany could probably get you the parts you need. Basically, there are 2 types of head gaskets available, the composite type gasket (similar to the original Ford one), and the MLS multi layer gasket (Cometic type). Also, Ford pre-xflow/xflow tuner Throbnozzle Racing has a composite head gasket in 85mm, 85.5mm, etc sizes, which he sells. The top dollar solution would probably be Cometic gasket + ARP studs, although I believe the Cometic gaskets are not very "forgiving" (need the right kind of head/block surface preparation). Good luck!
  4. I've only been to Tromsø once, by plane. I got my first mk2 in 1987, and used it as an everyday car here in South western Norway until 1994, also during winter with a lot of snow. If you are going to Tromsø in a Cortina in the wintertime, I would recommend putting some extra weight in the back to help traction, like a sandbag (or a lot of luggage :) ) + studded Winter tyres. We do have some Nice "Cortina" roads here in Norway. Here are a few examples from Youtube: -E134 along Åkra-fjorden and over Haukeli (this road is approx. 2 hours drive from where I live, Sandnes, on the south west coast of Norway) -Lysebotn (again, ca 2 hours drive from where I live) -Brokke - Suleskard (ca 4 hours drive from where I live), only open from May to September/October (under the snow the rest of the year) -Trollstigen (never been there, unfortunately) -Atlanterhavsveien (never been there either, unfortunately)
  5. Mk2 parts list on https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=5038667153&searchurl=kn=cortina+parts+list&sortby=17&cm_sp=snippet-_-srp1-_-title5 Burton Power usually has reprints of the original Ford factory Cortina mk1 and mk2 workshop manuals in stock (they are not listed in their catalogue or on the website, so send them an email) http://www.burtonpower.com/
  6. Try one of the Cortina owners clubs, or John Blythe at Goldendays http://goldendaysparts.co.uk/. Joe Allenby Byrne at Throbnozzle Engineering has uprated mk1 1500 engine mounts in stock.
  7. Now, I've never seen a Leyland Sherpa LDV200 4 pot caliper, but going by the pics, it looks similar to the Princess 4 pot caliper? See pics on http://www.scotts-classiccarspares.co.uk/leyland-sherpa-convoyldv-200ldv-400-new-front-left-hand-brake-caliper-212552-1-7235-p.asp
  8. You could fit a dual master cylinder from an export 1967/68 mk2 Cortina (has a vertical flange, like on the mk1 master). I've bought a couple of New ones from autojumbler JCL, tel 0116 2355348 / 07831 720023 (he sells NOS parts for classics at many car shows). They have a 0.7" bore (mk2 Deluxe/Super) or 3/4" bore (mk2 GT).
  9. JP Pistons in Australia do cast 83mm pre-xflow pistons (JP 0486, page 46 in their catalogue). Burton Power still list cast +90 (83,25) pre-xflow pistons on their website.
  10. I believe there are ca 5-10 LHD 2 door mk2 1600Es here in Norway, a couple of them were sold new here, the rest will be later imports from Sweden. Don't know how many there are left in Sweden (been a few years since I was a member of the Swedish Cortina Club now), but probably 5-10 cars over there as well. I think the sum total for 2 door Es were 2749 according to one of the mk2 books?
  11. Very nice, some top notch fabrication there! Not wanting to sound like a party pooper, but what happens if/when that cone filter behind the grill gets wet? Any chance of it sucking (particles of) water into the engine? (I am thinking about a similar type of behind the grill air filter on my mk2 Cortina)
  12. Originally, there was a bead of sealer around the top edge of the bulkhead below where it meets the front wing, but all it did was collecting water and rotting out the area, so I wouldn't put any sealer back in there.
  13. Yes, easiest to source the long mk2 inner tie rod from one of the mk2 Owners Clubs. Apparently, there is an Italian suspension parts manufacturer that still list the long mk2 inner tie rod, FRAP Spa, see www.frap.it RH mk2 inner tie rod, Frap part number 260 LH mk2 inner tie rod, Frap part number 261
  14. I thought UK Vosa had a "points system" for deciding whether a modified classic car will get an age related number or not? See https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-registration/radically-altered-vehicles Part Points Chassis, monocoque bodyshell (body and chassis as one unit) or frame - original or new and unmodified (direct from manufacturer) 5 Suspension (front and back) - original 2 Axles (both) - original 2 Transmission - original 2 Steering assembly - original 2 Engine - original 1
  15. Ring Dave Colledge at Retro Ford, https://nb-no.facebook.com/pg/retrofordltd/about/?ref=page_internal He imports, register and sells Cortinas from overseas on a regular basis, he also modifies Escorts and Cortinas.
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