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  1. The last better be good viewing Pete just about to sit down with a coffee to watch. I'll give you my views later. #wheelerdealers are impressed. 👍
  2. Same here Jayne. Bmg Sony music should be employing you Pete not blocking you're videos.
  3. I'm sure with the size of you're little black book someone will come to sort this MINIOR detail out.
  4. As expected pal jobs a gud un. No:100 tick 99 more to go. 👍🍻
  5. We'll how did the process go Pete?? Did he go together like a Swiss watch or tighter than a nuns private bits 😜
  6. If my arms were long enough bud Id give ya a big pat on the back :playball:
  7. It's all in the little details Peter and you my friend have got them spot on (some May call them MODS to the keen eye there details. Looking good 👍👍
  8. He's Cool He's Calm He can handle the pressure (THE SHOW MUST GO ON)!!! :rambo: :superman: Pete C keeping the standards.....
  9. It's you're car pal but yes the (lighter) blue will give the feeling of more space. And as you say nice detailed mats will set the whole kit of. Tickety boo.
  10. On the second photo up from bottom (hope the green gxl dosnt get possessed by CHRISTINE ) just the way it's looking at SWAMPY
  11. Has too see completion Pete ( up to and including FIRST TROPHY & mag issue) keep it going pal 😍🇬🇧👍
  12. Holly cr-p bud, do you think he'll pass an MOT. ?
  13. You had that vision that know one else had Pete, WOW AMAZING TOP WORK FELLOW..... :shocking: :thumbup:
  14. guarda meglio ogni giorno Pete tutto nei dettagli. 👌👌
  15. Now for the scary bit Peter. Getting it all back together WITHOUT scratching him. Good luck any enjoy bud. I'm away for me Steak lol
  16. Looking better every day Pete ( still getting time for the welder I see) you just can put it down!! "Do you wanna be in my gang my gang my gang lol Great stuff SIR 👍
  17. Looks like the dog's dangle's Pete (you crazy fool) :shocking: :thumbup:
  18. Hey there you with the stars in you're eyes. Credit where it's due you gave the body shop a good platform to work with. Top work 👌
  19. WOW!! get it built pal...THE hard work shows :thumbup:
  20. BTW the lady in the last pic would be know good to me. It looks like she's used to working with both hands the way she's gripping that adjustable haha. 😳 ohh la la
  21. Pete those number plates have seen more action than the average 40 year old. Are they getting a refurb?? Don't know if they deserve to just be a throphy I think they should ride again with swampy minus the ladies of course. 👀👍🙏
  22. Get engine bay ALL in blue then just primer over number at least that way there will be know edges of the paint that will peel :thumbup:
  23. Fitted on the A pillar of the mk1 capri :headscratch: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574629005&toolid=10001&campid=5335900709&customid=&mpre=http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CAPRI-MK1-Map-reading-light-assembly-Genuine-Ford-/141022041741?nma=true&si=%252B0RxYg1nIHjmbPV9yXU%252FjnE1Smg%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 :thumbup:
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