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  1. Managed to find some rocking horse .. GT boot trim. Went to test fit and can't see any holes for the bottom one, tops were filled in previously but doesn't look like bottom has ever been filled. Anyone know if they came with just one? (Found a photo with only one)
  2. managed to get the locking mechanism working thanks to a spring from the drums off some random car at pick a part. so these will be going into the car, and maybe one day if i find a set will put original cortina seats in. thanks for the help guys
  3. well bummer. one more thing that will be slightly off making this car as original as possible. i dont mind though, they are in good condition and i dont think too many people will notice they arent original
  4. i have a set of seats i got out of my old 4 door. they have system you have referred to. these seats are a bit different the lever sticking out is used to adjust the angle of the back rest. I have discovered what i believe to be the issue with the drivers side, a spring in missing. hopefully i can find something suitable. being a different mechanism, im wondering if these didnt come out of a cortina.
  5. planning on getting the bumpers re chromed, but thought in the mean time id have a go at cleaning them up and see if i can delay spending a big chunk of coin. por15 the back and fine steel wool on the chrome, still needs a ton more elbow grease but happy so far with how they are looking.
  6. also noticed the seat rails were bolted into other holes just outside of where the captive nuts are, wondering if my rails are not the original and someone has drilled out to make work. seats fitted in car fine
  7. the upright adjuster on my drivers seat doesnt lock well and can randomly give way, meaning i fall back. shown is the system for locking it. not exactly large teeth and most have worn, have filed them (after this pic was taken) to try impove but not sure it will be enough. anyone got any better ideas or have done something to fix this. its in a coupe so need to be able to drop seat forward and lock back up easily. Cheers
  8. HI, What type of oil is best for a 4 speed. manual says SAE80 but will something similar be fine ie. 80W90? was hoping to just be able to grab some off a shelf but local stores dont stock an 80. Cheers
  9. Pulled out the old gearknob to see if i could make it look okay. not perfect but happy enough with the result, the split isn't too visible but positioned it at the front so should never be seen. Not much else been done apart from painting a few odd bits. Painted the diff with por15, and given the gearbox a good clean. just need to get some oil and change that. hopefully next week nz drops to lvl 2 and the body shop opens so i can send the shell off for sandblasting and rust removing. thanks to a few members off here have managed to sort a few elusive parts, including a set of GT bumper trim :)
  10. at that price its certainly worth giving it a go. anyone know the width of the original trim?
  11. appreciate that. the more i look at the GT rear the more i like it, will have to try sort something out
  12. this car is uk built so certainly would assume it would come as above. always learning more about this cars, appreciate all the help. on another note does anyone know what the trim code AA is, its not on the mk3 decoder
  13. yeah something i can look into. ill check the holes on the boot and see if they match the xl strip ive got so could fit that in the mean time (assuming my boot is original) I am wanting to keep the car close to original but willing to make changes here or there. engine doesnt match so it could never be a perfect car. also has a sunroof which i intend to keep. also just saw your question about 2 doors here. not sure on numbers, someone the other day said they know of 15. this is 1 of 4 that has come up for sale in the last 10 years. Really appreciate the info
  14. Cheers for that. i wonder what my chances are of finding one, hens tooth id imagine.
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