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  1. I'd sooner buy complete son, cheers mate, screen in locking trim arrive s tomorrow
  2. Quarter chrome trim and side window fitted, I'd like some opening ones in the future, fitting the screen tomorrow
  3. Fitting new headlamps , with a bit of upper lower panel , cutting , mainly due to me forgetting how they mount
  4. Cheers Craig, lucky to get a reply after the section I've put it in 😁
  5. Anyone know what MK3 facelift headlight s mount onto? There is two black plastic square holders on the bottom on the headlamps that fit into / onto something, cheers in advance
  6. They gotta look good around the Cortina!
  7. Thanks lads, kenworth , amington accident repair, I kinda know them, not sure they'll do any more cars as they mainly do commercial, but worth a try
  8. Thanks mate, yes I love a bit of cheesy 70s vinyl, I think MK3 s look good with or without, without does show the shape off better, but 70s cheese, love it
  9. Thanks mate it has turned out nice, definitely less contamination being painted in a body shop, rather than my garage. Fitted the vinyl roof and some bits this afternoon, only placed it on to let it settle, then the sun came out, so fitted it, my c pillar trims are short as the 2 door ones are longer but it'll be reet for now
  10. £600, 😁i tipped em £100, cause they did bits of prep on the bonnet
  11. Cheers Deano, been a long road, another one saved though
  12. Quality, cars back from the paint shop , thanks to Andy and Craig at Amington accident repair
  13. Well young lad Tibbs, I'm gonna bolt the old shed back together and decide on wheels then
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