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  1. Tibbs, not been on for ages, that lump looks and sounds brilliant , please post a video on a run out or rev it up a little , nice one !
  2. chris mk3

    ebay V8 mk5

    yes not the best fitting by the looks
  3. .........always the way mate
  4. chris mk3

    ebay V8 mk5

    this could be a nice motor https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-Mk5-Crusader-V8-Not-Escort-mk1-mk2-RS2000-Mexico/154228377533?hash=item23e8ba47bd:g:UAEAAOSwxFhfy4sK
  5. Free to collector, sooner than later, 3 ford sports wheels, 1 standard L wheel, from Tamworth B79 8LU need gone asap
  6. Tibbs........https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-Mk3-chevy-v8-custom-modified-classic-hot-rod/203150538572?hash=item2f4cb7374c:g:Qx4AAOSw0Z1fkwVE
  7. That cardboard mounts never gonna hold up ! Nice work, cant wait to hear that un
  8. No im not a member Noge, didnt know that you could still get them, cheers for that.
  9. My bumper rubbers are very old n tired, seen this on Ebay, im thinking i can shape and bond onto the bumpers, just putting it out there, but i think itd work a treat, i know they wont be 100% the same size but nice that they could be new and not funked https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rubber-Strip-10mm-Thick-x-5m-Long-Black-General-Purpose-Solid-Neoprene-Rubber/352174485432?hash=item51ff3c2fb8:g:MakAAOSwlPFeQU-2
  10. If there that bad you can get stick on chrome trim, from Halfords, i had the same issue, the stick on stuff works really well an wont cause rust traps
  11. Yes get the trim on , it will make such a difference when you do
  12. Yes i always preferred my old suction Devlibiss gun, to the gravity ones, once youve tickled it and set it up you can really throw the paint on, i always used to mix the paint to thick, once i added 10-20% thinners the paint would flow lovely, i have got really cheeky before now and sprayed a final coat of nearly all thinners, dangerous but did look like glass, off the gun. My old Mini was the last car i painted .....
  13. yes lovely standard mk3
  14. What a shame, great you managed to get it , lovely model, spec and color, make it look mint mate
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