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  1. How cool does this Cortina look.....Just found pic online, know nowt about it, love to know what engine its got, some serious rubber n stance going on there
  2. Well here we are only one more repair panel to get and im set, less minor repairs im sure ill be making, really noticed how rarer and pricey Mk3 panels are getting now compared to a few years ago, enough here to keep me busy for a while,
  3. Anyone have a O/S wing for MK3 saloon cheers Chris
  4. A cheeky purchase , last thing the Cortina needs at the mo, but for sale 25 miles down the road , 5.5 j s £300 x5 just powder coated, nice.
  5. Yes a right result eh, looks like i sold the Mini today to, as cool as i think it is, cant wait to see the back of it lol, deposit paid, balance tomorrow, hopefully all will go to plan and the wheels of rust repair can start on the Rustina
  6. My second favourite classic Ford love mk1 grannys great spec and colour love it mate, do prefer the Ghia alloys though
  7. mmmmm , when i sell some stuff Craig ill be up to buy the bonnet and 5 speed from you ill be in touch about that, PM me you mobile if you wanted
  8. Few more pictures of 1975 steel, or lack of .....
  9. Mate im a nightmare for that, and there getting expensive to buy and rarer these days , so great advice mate, you actually know me well
  10. Yes mate , i think it looks worse than it is, famous last words, but im so focused on getting it restored once i start ill love it, know all the graft pays off, there such lovely great cars, so lucky to have found it in 2 door style rusty heap !
  11. Im not 100% but im sure youll be looking at £4000
  12. NogE, post a few pics of your old knacker on here will you cheers
  13. If you have a wood one let me know, its also missing the center console, would this have a clock in it? cheers pal
  14. Il definitely have those off you Craig , im not sure about the surround in wood or not on the XL model , be nice in wood though
  15. Yes im chuffed to bits with the old knacker, cheers for replys once ive sold on some stuff ill start cutting the old gal and shave some years of it, 70s Fords eh just cant beat em
  16. Its not as bad as others ive seen mate, but yes not gonna be a weekend jobbie, selling a Honda MBX 125 1986, and a Honda XL350 1976
  17. Some fabbing going on with the V8 beast pal
  18. Cheers for replys, yes shouldnt take long Pete when i eventually cut the rusty metal out and start, eh up Craig, just gonna do the usual mate, cut , weld , paint 5 speed box, keeping the old faithful pinto lump, its got a single carb on it - not a weber?, so ill eventually put a twin choke weber on it. Its missing a passenger side door card the arm rest on the n/s rear door card, and the dash surround is missing a piece Im going to eventually get all the seats re trimmed, im selling a few classic bikes and my Mini project, slicing down the toys so the Mk3 will be my main thing., plus ill have the cash to crack on with it. cant wait ! - dunno whats going on with the mileage on the speedo ,- remember the film Christine !
  19. Lets start saving this un .........................Parked up in a garage since 1991, 1600 pinto lump still turns over and the clutch isnt seized, guy i bought it off paid £200 for it !
  20. Hello, cheers for replys geezas , all will be revealed tonight ! , lets just say project Mini s gonna end up on Ebay Its amazing what you can buy for £1650 delivered to your house, the right time, the right place really helped !
  21. Yes , due to a delay will post weds! its all good
  22. Hello Cortina land, im coming back . will update tomorrow Chris
  23. Love the car love the fabrication work ......ace
  24. Cheers, its a re shelled mini hence no external hinges, originally a 1964 , took me a while to get it all sorted with the DVLA but all done now after a few worrying letters to and fro. Im totally regretting selling my MK3 .Look at it, what a t**t for selling it lol
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