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  1. Genuine Ford nos offside rear quarter for a 4door mk3 , still in its original brown primer with parts no still on, some light surface rust to outer side but no pitting nor damage, £275 firm and would prefer cash on collection but would be willing to ship at buyers expense and liability Kev 07876215453
  2. 63Conrad

    Mk1 drivers door

    Has anyone got a mint rust free Mk1 4door drivers side front door available please ?? I am asking for a friend as this is the last panel he needs before the car can go to paint, Must be mint with no repairs though please, Good price paid and can collect from the Nationals if it's easier, Kev 07876215453
  3. 2 x bonnets for sale and both described, Cheers Kev.
  4. 63Conrad

    Nos Mk2 panels

    We have currently got the following Nos Genuine Ford panels available, 1 x n/s front wing at £750, 1 x front valance at £550, 1 x nearside full sill at £350, The nos grill and bonnet trim are already sold, all are cash on collection from SS5 Essex, Kev 07876215453.
  5. We have got the following NOS Genuine Ford panels available, 2 x offside front wings and 1 x nearside front wing at £1200 each or can do a pair for £2200, NOW ALL SOLD 1 x nearside inner wing at £1200, 1 x offside 2door full sill at £650, NOW SOLD 1 x Mint NOS Genuine Ford Airflow grill ( extremely rare ) at £1800, The red oxide pair of used wings are SOLD, All are cash on collection only from SS5 Essex, Kev 07876215453.
  6. As per title we have got a complete excellent used Mk2 2door nearside rear quarter for sale, It is 100% original and rust free and never had any repairs nor filler, Carefully removed with perfect flanges all still intact, Still has the outer wheel tub lip too, There are a couple of very minor dints just below the C pillar otherwise it is a straight as a die, Very rare to find a used quarter in this condition and nos genuine n/s ones are virtually impossible to find, The price is £500 firm and is cash on collection only from SS5 Essex, Kev 07876215453
  7. As per title we have got 2 x good Mk2 bonnets for sale at £150 each, 1 x is very solid with no rust but looks like it's flipped up ( at low speed ) as both rear corners are slightly out of shape but should straighten up ok with a bit of work, 2 x is again solid and has had the underside front panel repaired/ replaced and to be honest it's not the best job as the front lip is now uneaven so again could do with a bit of work, Cash on collection from SS5 Essex only please, Kev 07876215453.
  8. Zack look out for a pair of brackets from a 1600E as they are the same on a Mk2 as a Mk1.
  9. Hi Zach, We have got a complete 1600 691f engine still in a mk2 deluxe that we just imported if you are interested, We only need the sump off it but the rest is available if you want to pop down and have a look, Cheers Kev 07876215453
  10. BA96 is the vin number for a Mk2 2door Gt not a Mk1 ???
  11. Hi, we have got 4 x good used ones at £50 each and 1 x nos toughened screen at £130 available, we are based near Hockley Essex, Cheers Kev 07876215453.
  12. Great pics and thanks for sharing, you can't beat a good road trip to soak up the culture, I am off to the Czech Republic again in a couple of weeks and then back down to the Algarve in the new year ( in my transit + trailer though ), Can't wait :thumbup:
  13. The guy has had that car for donkeys years and has pretty much always looked like that apart from adding the pink theme at some point, There is a really nice orange 2door Mk3 that's used daily in the Albufeira, I know of a fair few other 2door Mk3's laid up in the Algarve too !!!
  14. Hi John, Sorry but we don't have any spare GT interior parts at the moment , Cheers Kev.
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