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  1. thanks guys. I think im going to leave this one. a bit too much for me
  2. Thanks for the advice guys, Never noticed the rear wheel arches! Yeah he just dropped the price to £1300 originally it was £1500 Hes a nice guy, spoke to him, i personally think he just dont want to let his baby go!
  3. Hi guys and girls. Im in need of some advice, ive found a mk 3 cortina gxl 1974 5 door with 90,000 miles for sale. Its in need of some work... not mega amounts, Its been stripped down and welded apparently so no rust but only plated as they couldn't afford the body panels but needs; Head lights rewiring new front chrome bumper new paint job (currently in primer) new front seats as they are shot and probably some tidying up too. The guy is asking for a firm £1300 (uk) Is it worth it? What would you pay... Thanks guys
  4. Id be intetested in the purple one behind it. is that for sale?
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