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  1. Cortymk2

    Bonnet trim

    Hi I am in need of a good bonnet trim for my mk2 cortina can anyone help as mine is toast
  2. Hi all I haven't been on a while I wonder if anyone can help as I need a washer jet for my mk2 cortina Regards 👍
  3. Cortymk2

    Mk2 washer jets

    Hi I'm after washer jets for my MK 2 cortina can anyone help at all 👍🏻
  4. Hi every one I need a bit of advice I have a mk2 cortina and it has been highly modified ie steering rack /5 speed box coil overs ect my problem is that because of the mods my engine is further back towards the bulkhead so I cannot use existing throttle linkage so I will have to convert to cable can anyone help me as to how and what I will need to purchase I am still using a twin choke 32 dfm carb 👍
  5. Great car I should never got rid of mine but I'm happy with my mk2
  6. Cortymk2

    Dash facia

    Ok mate when you have time
  7. Cortymk2

    Dash facia

    Hi everyone I am in need of the black dash facia and end piece for my cortina mk2 can anyone help 👍
  8. Thanks a lot for that 👍
  9. Hi everyone I need a bit of advise can some one tell me what type of coil I need for my cortina mk2 I am running a 1600 engine do I need ballast or non ballast type Can any one help 👍
  10. Oh yeah I forgot I need a rubber gaitor cover that goes over the hand brake as well for my mk2 cortina 👍
  11. Cheers I'll do it when I get back of holiday when I pay for the headlining rods and plasic ends Regards Pete
  12. Check all fluids make sure you are happy the way it drives and enjoy the drive home 👍
  13. Hi all I amafter a cortina mk2 plastic glove box insert can anyone help 👍
  14. Cortymk2

    Headlining rods

    Hi mate lovely I.m on holiday will be back on the 5th may can you put headlining rods and plastic ends by till I get back and I'll message you that I have paid Regards Pete Ps let me know 👍
  15. Cortymk2

    Headlining rods

    Hi mate great stuff also do they have the plasic ends as I have the front and rear missing also how do I pay you mate I'll check for your reply in the morning as im of to work now Regards
  16. Cortymk2

    Headlining rods

    Hi all i am after a set of headligning rods for my mk2 cortina has anyone got a set at all 👍
  17. Cortymk2

    Cortina mk2

    Hi all I am after a full set of roof bars inc plastic ends for my restoration project can anyone help at all Let me know and I'll send contact number 👍
  18. Hi is there a differnce as I thought that they were all the same all I know is that my mk2 gearbox mated yo my 1500 precrossflow is the same as the 1500 mk1 s is this so Regards pete
  19. Hi all can anybody help or know of someone who has a remote gear changer for my mk2 cortina 1500 as I don't wish to Change the gearbox just yet let me know and I'll send contact number ASAP
  20. Cortymk2

    Cortina mk2

    Hi can anyone help im after a mk2 cortina 1300 or 1600 in good condition I have £6000 to spend on the right car tel 07922838664
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