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  1. Certainly a dilemma. It's your car so you have to do what makes you happy. On the other hand would be a shame to lose one of the only legit 70s/80s custom MK3s - the only other one I can think of is Satisfaction.
  2. Hello gang, Can anyone with an Essex in their car please tell me what exhaust manifolds will fit for a MK3?
  3. Just for reference I have seen loads of Ls with a proper carpet that were earlier than late 72 - so I think the half and half floor covering would have been a Base only thing earlier than that
  4. Similar, but the Canadian spec cars use all-red lenses without the amber section
  5. I'm interested in the complete boot floor if you decide to break mate
  6. I have no idea what the going rate is but I think I have a pair of these here you could have for £20 posted. They are mint NOS condition.
  7. Having only owned an OHV I can't compare. I'm sure I would love a Pinto too if I had one. I just love the very basic old school engineering of the OHV engines.
  8. I think I would enjoy seeing a very early J reg xflow GT! Never heard of that before
  9. Although having said that - I don't know why it needs to be plugged in either. Just check that you have 12 volts between one of the pins and the other surely? One is a switched feed from the heater controls and one must be an earth/ground connection.
  10. Try plugging the connection to the fan in most of but not all of the way so that you have enough room to shove a multimeter pin down the side to contact with one of the pins, and then the other?
  11. Didn't they have a Portuguese Cortina production line?
  12. Kenworth W900

    Door switches

    Are you talking about 'piggy back' crimp terminals?
  13. It looks like the artist has a lot of experience with the subject matter besides the Cortina - the rest of it looks fantastic but the car looks a bit skewiff to me
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