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  1. hi looking for a mk3 Cortina to buy I'm not worried if it need work willing to pay about £600 to £1000
  2. hi im looking 4 a mk3 cortina 2 do up n put back on the road as i love them so much it must be cheap not fussed wot work it need i just want 1 to work on if u know ne 1 that want 2 sell 1 plz message me thanx steve
  3. hi im looking 2 spend about £300
  4. hi im look for a mk3 cortina to up it must be cheap any cond i dont mined plz email me steve.suckley@live.co.uk or text me on 07432707584 thanx steve
  5. hi im looking for a mk3 cortina that need work doing to it must be cheap and in or around bristol or near birstol plz email me if ur selling one or if u know anyone is selling one thanx steve
  6. hi im looking for a mk3 cortina to do up it must be cheap and be in bristol or any where near bristol plz email me thanx

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