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  1. Heya, my uncle's car has been hit today so we're looking for the panels to fix it. If anyone has anything please let me know. Any help is really appreciated :( Thanks.
  2. The Jacking point belongs on the inner sill
  3. Hiya, I'm looking for the upper parts of the A post, right under the scuttle edge and up round into the door jamb, passenger side more urgent but both required. If anyone has anything let me know asap? Thanks all :)
  4. Woo thanks :) I've seen the lansdowne ones but I don't like them. Not enough detail I think. Plus they're super expensive.
  5. Oh wow that is gorgeous! Maybe one day! Good luck with the sale :)
  6. I wish I could, I'd stick a mk4 front end on it! But I'm spent up :)
  7. I'll take the red gxl :) PM'd you
  8. ChristinaGXL


    Lets test this, :dragon: :winner: :thumbup: :thumbup: Mine work, check in your settings that you've not turned off emoticons
  9. Ooh yes! That will happen let me know :)
  10. They are both better than mine! The main problem with mine is it's been bodged in the past, so even if these need repair I can still see how it should go together, so I can fix it :)
  11. If they exist at all, the part of floor where it meets the rear wheeltub and sill, under that little triangle piece, to just infront of the crossmember. both sides if they're there :) B post bottoms would be handy too! I suppose the bits of inner sill they're both attached to will help me too. Though looking at the pic the drivers side rear section might not be fully there.
  12. the 957 and 1117 fiesta engines are Valencia engines, they don't share any components. Based on the Xflow but very different.
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