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  1. mine doesn’t sit that high, so that can’t be the problem, it only really does it to me on start up or if there is a rough gear change
  2. Engine mounts are about 3-4 years old and it is hitting in the hole for the gear stick in the tunnel, it is the 3 bolt plate that secures the gear stick that hits the tunnel, my thought was the gearbox is sitting too high
  3. Hi all, I have a mk3 with a 5 speed out of a Sierra in with the 2.0 pinto and whenever I start it the gearbox hits the tunnel around the gear stick opening has anyone else had this problem? I have a mk5 auto crossmember with a manual rubber bush
  4. Cool as thanks heaps I will order the bushes
  5. thanks I have one more question, since this bush isn’t mounted and only pressed in ( as a guess) how does it go with the caster adjustment as from what I can tell it will have a nut and washer each side of bush but if there was force onto the bush couldn’t it move in the subframe? Sorry might be a silly question
  6. So the ones I have linked are the right ones for my application? The old ones are riveted or similar to the subframe the poly ones are just a standard bush? If they are I will look at rally design thanks heaps
  7. Hi all, I am looking for some new tie bar bushes ( arm that adjusts the front caster ) on my mk3 pfl and I can’t seem to find much online for the early cars only the later mk3-4-5 there are flo flex ones I have found but reviews aren’t great and I have cone across super flex ones on the burton website but they look completely differant https://www.burtonpower.com/front-strut-bar-oval-hole-in-subframe-set-cortina-3-gran1-sf0590kss.html any help would be much appreciated thanks
  8. How are the Sierra rails different? What would need to be done?
  9. Hi all, I have a pair of good condition front seats out of a early Sierra wagon and I am wanting to put them in my mk3. I see original mk3 seat rails are not quite long enough for the seats, if I was to get Sierra seat rails would they bolt up to the floor of my mk3. thanks
  10. I have just ordered a new voltage stabiliser, hopefully it will fix it
  11. When I ground out the sender the temp gauge shoots right to hot straight away, so that means the gauge is still good?, where can I find the voltage stabiliser and test it?
  12. Hi all, I am trying to figure out why my temp gauge is not working correctly in my mk3 pfl.all it does it raises from the needle stop and only moves the smallest amount. I have swapped the gauge over from my spare cluster, I have changed temp sensor on the head, I have continuity from the cluster to the sensor and it still doesn’t work, I have a VDO temp sensor hooked up which works fine. What could cause this?
  13. Does anyone know where to get some door switches for the mk3 pfl like the one pictured, I have only found the ones that screw in not clip in
  14. Wow, awesome replies thank you!
  15. Hi all, Im in the process of sprucing up my engine bay in my mk3 and was wandering about how the mk3 cortina with a 2.0 fuel hose is placed around the bay, at the moment it comes up by the steering column and then comes up just before the top mount of the subframe and then runs along the top of the chassis tail then goes down to the rad then the fuel pump, i have been looking at heaps of pics and others arent done this way as it doesnt look to flash but I cant find pics in enough detail to get the routing of it, would someone please describe or even better show photos of how they have done this thank you
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