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  1. so this is under the bearing? the gearbox side?
  2. okay mine is stuck quite good it doesnt seem to want to go anywere wont twist or anything and i cant see much of how it clips and and dont want to break it too much.. just a question on the top of the bearing there are 2 little tips if i ended up breaking them would that make the bearing slide out through the arm or is that apart of the arm?
  3. so to get it loose do i twist it? it looks on the arm that its lower on the end and higher in the middle were there are 2 little tips which look to be tight against the arm?
  4. yes thats what i am afraid of aswell it says to push off with a flat head screwdriver on the haynes manual of mine
  5. nixzy

    my mk3

    they are called cheviot turbos
  6. how do i remove the inner crank pulley i cant get a puller in there what else could i use?
  7. nixzy

    my mk3

    hey guys this is my 72 mk3 cortina from nz.. has been a project for me over the last 5 years (i started when i was 14) iv put up pics of the day i got it and how it is now. i dont have heaps of pics throughout the build but all that has been done is a 2l pinto conversion with a type9 and a general resto next things are a rebuilt 2l pinto with bike carbs new wheels hope u all like it, its not perfect as it is a major learning curve for me but i love it hope u guys like it aswell
  8. okay thats ill give that a go
  9. how do u remove a clutch release bearing on a type 9 gearbox? do i have to remove the clutch arm its pivoting on which looks like a round bolt?
  10. yeah i was planning on getting the whole cam kit and was going to get all new bearings just to be on the safe side and what kg flywheel is good could i just lighten the standard one? ill add pics as i go through just giving the engine a good clean on the outside at the moment, also what should i use to clean the ports with like exhaust port has a quite thick layer off dust could i use petrol on it?
  11. okay thanks guys one more question in the water galeries there is quite abit of rust sitting in the bottom i got as much out by blowing it out of one of the frost plugs should i just remove the rest of the frost plugs and blow water through it or is there another way around this? so am i right about resurfacing the head and block face to sit better on the headgasket?
  12. its a great offer and i will probibly take him up on that offer haha how would i identify if the crank needs a regrind or not?
  13. also could i do the head then the block or should they be done at the same time or doesnt it matter?
  14. hey everybody i plan on in a few months doing a rebuild on my 2.0 pinto in my mk3 cortina and i would like to know as i havent done an engine rebuild before and i am keen to learn that if there is anything i should know before i start? i plan on just a normal rebuild bottom end will stay standard but i was thinking about putting a better cam kit in the head i was thinking a FR32 kent cam kit (is this a wise choice for my application) it is only a weekend cruiser so its not going to see any racetracks ? i know its a really novice question but what should i do during this process like is it necessary to get the block and head acid dipped and polished? i was going to get the head and block resurfaced but what else is needed? thanks for any help
  15. the doughnut was replaced about a year ago after breaking but that was more of a thud from memory but no harm in checking that aswel thanks :lol:
  16. i checked the oil level it just abit under full, so i might drain it then put new oil in it, and the rear arms have all newish bushings so i hope they are still fine and ill have to have a look at the gearbox mount and c if thats gone thanks for the advise
  17. hi guys i have a mk3 cortina with a 2l pinto with a 5 speed sierra box and i was taking it for a drive the other weekend and the gearbox started sounding strange... it made a sort of grinding noise while i was decellerating only in 4th and 5th gear but was fine accelerating, changing gears is still good so that got me abit stumped. so i drove the car again a few days later and the gearbox was running fine as per ususal what could be causing that problem any help would be great thanks
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