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  1. That's a lovely bike. Reminds me of when I was about 10 I guess and a friend of the family was a Sidecar racer but was also into Trials and I rode one of his Bultacos a few times, Not very well mind but If I'd carried on at it I might have got the hang of it. I was a bit scared of it to be honest. I'd love to have a go on one nowadays though, I've had a bit more bike experience since then Great bike, You're very lucky
  2. J2S.. I'll remember that for when I re tax mine in April. When I taxed it this year it still had an MOT. cheers
  3. My 79 Mk4 was registered 21st Feb 1979 and build date is January 1979. I couldn't apply for "Historic vehicle" which means free road tax until April of this year although the car was 40 years old last year. MOT wise my car was MOT exempt last year but as I understand it on the data base it flags up as no MOT so I had mine tested as normal to save any agro. I would also had to have submitted a V112 form at the post office whilst taxing it. As I understand you don't need to do anything for MOT exemption if you have Historic Vehicle status. I checked mine on the MOT history at gov.uk website and it says "This vehicle's MOT has expired" which is correct but I thought I was exempt ? Basically you are MOT exempt at 40 years (if you submit the V112 form) and tax free at 41. Seems all a load of BS to me.. All I did was take the logbook to the post office and explained I would like to tax this vehicle which is 41 years old and is Historic. They filled the logbook in, I signed it and they sent it off. I had to wait a fair few weeks for the logbook to return. It got to the point I thought it wasn't going to arrive. They don't rush when you're getting free tax.
  4. I have a similar issue on my V6. I replaced the crank seal as the one in mine was not sitting correctly and leaking. Dug out the old one, carefully tapped in a new one, made sure it was sitting nicely. Guess what ? Still leaks. Mind you, the engine I've got seems to leak from every orifice anyway Could be a case of crap quality seals, I'm not sure. Can't remember the brand I had but may well have been Payen. Bought from an engine specialist I sometimes use. I might have to look in to the Crankcase ventilation perhaps. As far as I know, it's never had an oil filler cap, Still has a Ford one on it. My engine was also re built and has probably covered about 10 to 15,000 miles over the course of around 19 years.
  5. Nice car that estate, always liked it. I quite like Roman Bronze Mk4's . I remember seeing it at Cortina day when it had the alloys on, before Brett owned it. I don't seem to remember the Classic Ford feature on it though as mentioned in the Car and Classic advert. Will have to dig out the old Mags to have a look. It looks better with the steels I think. The picture here is from 2006. Not sure the owners were keen on me photographing their car
  6. I had this on a MK4 2 litre. Fitted cheap mounts, not sure which brand Moprod perhaps but yes, had the same issue, bad vibration. Replaced with genuine Ford from the Ford dealer (mid 90's and were still available) and no vibration. The cheap ones were so hard the engine was rock solid in the frame whereas the Ford ones there was significant movement.
  7. Lovely job. Quality of work looks superb, Very impressive 👍
  8. No, it wasn't too bad as I remember unlike when a friend and myself cleaned an MG Metro block down in an outbuilding using cans of brake cleaner and all windows and doors shut as it was cold out, Now that did have a very weird effect on both of us. I guess we must of had better ventilation at the garage 😂
  9. Scary stuff reading this. When I worked in a garage in the early 90’s we used to clean engine bays with unleaded petrol in a Compressed air gun so you can imagine the vapour in the atmosphere from that. Thinking about it now after reading these comments it was very foolish and we were lucky to have not blown the garage up. Sometimes used it on hot engines too 😳 It does clean grease and oil up nicely though 👍
  10. Nice car. I remember it from Symonds Yat 2010.
  11. Agree with this, If its got a viscous make sure it works, I fitted one once to a MK4 2 litre, trying to be clever going from a fixed to viscous and the one I fitted was faulty and the car boiled over waiting in traffic. Never had an issue with the fixed fan. Changed back to fixed fan in the end.
  12. Nice car :thumbup: I wondered where that had been hiding.
  13. WOW, Another resto Pete ? I did see this on YouTube last week I think. A bit of Christine if I remember Right ? Where is this one ?
  14. Someone selling a set in the For Sale 2.3 engine mounts
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