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  1. Yes. I suddenly remembered earlier today, I've used one before on this gearbox. I think I had put a drop too much in and I sucked a bit out using one of those. Not mine, belonged to a friend. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. I'll see if he still has it before buying one. This one was more like the tool I used but the same idea. Thank you for the link and the suggestion
  2. It would help to get the oil out first before removing the pan. What a mess it'll be 🤬
  3. Thanks guys for the replies 👍 I've been out in it today and I've found that when it's hot it seems to 'Snatch' as it changes down from 3rd to 2nd. I've had this before on the original C3 that was in the car. This one has only recently started doing it. I've also got wear on the rear axle I'm fairly certain. If I ease off then back on the accelerator quickly there's some noise (clunk) coming from the rear. The axle has done 62,000 miles. It isn't noisy or whining but I've noticed a slight noise when cornering to the right which I think points to a wheel bearing ? Not bad though. Otherwise it goes like stink and seems to keep pulling when you give it some welly. I don't think the box is slipping. I'll go with an oil change I think then as you say John, change it again after a few miles. Probably be 12 months between changes as I don't use it much. Craig, it's a shame they didn't fit a drain plug in the oil pan. Would make life a bit easier 😭 I guess I'll be up to my armpits in transmission fluid.
  4. I'm thinking about changing the oil on my C3 Auto box on my MK4. Engine is a 2.8 V6. I know there's a filter on the underside and myself and a mate replaced it some 18 years ago when the gearbox was out of the car. I can't really remember what sort of job it was to do. At the time I relied on my mate as he'd done a bit of messing about with autos. Is it much of a job to do from underneath the car ? I'm guessing I won't get all the oil out of the converter so is it worth the hassle do you think ? The other option I have is I have another gearbox to fit supposedly in working order and only removed for a manual conversion. The gearbox that is currently in was from a Granada, roughly 1985. It's definitely a later box than what should be in the car. Unknown mileage etc etc. it's worked ok for 18 years but I feel it could be getting a bit tired. The other one I have is from a 79 MK5. I did a couple of checks today as it clunks when engaging drive. There's slight play in the rear axle when the prop is rotated by hand back and forth. No movement up or down or left to right at the flange but with one wheel on the ground and one in the air there's play when the wheel is rotated back and forth. Not sure if that's normal or not. The noise may be coming from the gearbox. The rest of the prop seemed ok. Not sure if I should bother changing the oil if I can't drain it all out. What do you think ? Also, where's the best place to get the gasket and filter from ? I've seen some on the old eBay but not sure of the quality. Someone here might know of better quality parts out there. Cheers
  5. Are you going to Cortina day ? (Maybe a silly question) I wondered if you could bring it along and I'll grab it off you ?
  6. Yes, I think that was it. I have it somewhere amongst some other workshop manuals.
  7. Only asked as I'm fairly sure 4's and 5's V6 are different but I could be wrong..
  8. A couple of promotional photos taken (I think) at Castle Howard in Yorkshire. I stand to be corrected on that. The one pictured by the steps was used on one of the workshop manuals as I recall. Not a Haynes book.
  9. Is this for a MK4 Craig ? If it is have you still got it ?
  10. Ah yes. Sumps are different. Some people think otherwise 😉 but I fitted a 2 litre from a Capri into a Cortina and the sump fouled the cross member. I had to swap the sump from the Cortina with the pick up pipe as the shape of the two were completely different. I can imagine the Transit sump is has a deeper bowl as I seem to remember there's nothing directly below it unlike the Cortina.
  11. Thanks for the comment 👍 I appreciate that. It is a bit of a story and you're right I am lucky to have kept hold of it for so long. To be honest I can't see me ever parting with it as I've had it so long.
  12. I thought so too. I felt bad as he advertised it for 30 and I offered him 20 which he agreed but when I collected it I gave him 25. I always find people knock me down in price when I'm selling so I thought I would lol. Not sure how well it'll fit but I'll give it a go. I've not started it up since last June to be honest so I'll see what the exhaust I had off you is sounding like. No point in changing it if it's still half decent. That's the trouble with non genuine stuff, doesn't last well at all. My work van had it's original starter motor on it for 7 years, had a replacement last year and it needs another one now 12 months after fitting. It is stopped and started 40 to 50 times a day though 😂
  13. Some years ago (probably 30 years now) I replaced some Pinto engine mounts with some aftermarket ones. Moprod perhaps or similar and I had horrendous vibration. The engine was rock solid in the frame but the vibration was awful. Went to Ford and ordered a genuine pair of rubber mounts, sorted it out right away. I did have more movement from the engine though. Only a thought for you and my experience with mine. I'm not sure what you've used for your engine mounts but If you've used poly that could be the issue.
  14. Nice Article from Autocar 77 (I think) Always liked this one and the colour combinations. Also have the car framed on the garage wall. There was a discussion a while back about where the photo was taken but the conclusion was it is a painting. If it is, it's very good.
  15. Not sure but I noticed no new content too. I liked the road trips he did with stops at services along with burger chat 🤣 I'm sure it's very time consuming editing videos along with doing jobs on the cars. Hopefully he's just having a break from the YouTube scene.
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