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  1. Nothing Sad about that Craig. I've still got a fair few VHS tapes and you never know, VHS might make a comeback like Vinyl, CD's and cassettes are.
  2. I'll see if I can get it off him. I doubt he has a VHS player anymore anyway but I have and also a DVD recorder so may be able to get it transferred. The last time I asked him he did say I could have it.
  3. I asked him a while back and he said he still has the tape at his parents house. I'll ask him again as he forgets like we all do lol. Not sure what year it was. I'm guessing 84 or 85 ? I always remember the Starcraft that was used at the front of the convoy.
  4. Never seen White lightning or the others you mentioned Craig. I'll have to look out for those. My mate used to tape small clips off TV during the 80's. He had quite a collection on tape at one point. One I remember was a blue MK4 Cortina and a Capri and the Cortina ended up on its roof in some sort of Warehouse. The actors had Liverpool accents so not sure what that program that was. Of course there was the classic Brookside scene where Billy Corkhill goes around the close in a brown Datsun churning everybody's gardens up shouting "you can have me wife for a fiver" I always thought it was a Cortina he was in until I looked the clip up on YouTube. Good bit of acting I thought. There was someone on that close who had a 2.3 MK5. He also had a few rallying clips too. I doubt he still has the tape. I think he still has the Street Machine video tape where they went from John o groats to lands end.
  5. I've gone through this whole thread this morning and wow what a build. There were a few things about it I wasn't clear on but now I know I admire your fabricating/machining skills and ability to put all that together. It's took some doing . ( Makes me wish I'd stuck it out in the engineering trade when I left school ) Oh well lol. As I said earlier, under the bonnet is excellent on the eye and a credit to you. Superb. The axle looks nice and at home in there, great install 👍 I'm impressed with all of this build. I mainly like standard spec restorations but once in a while a nice modified car takes my eye. This is one of them, oh and I forgot to mention I do like V8 motors
  6. Exhaust looks a proper job there Does look a bit tight over the axle but the diameter of the tube is big by the looks. Wheels and tyres look nice and wide too. Definitely a hot rod look going going on. I saw this in the flesh at Cortina day this year and under the bonnet the finish is amazing. Excellent job done there. Well impressed
  7. That's the film Craig yes. I also have it on VHS. An old friend from back in school days, His Dad had it recorded off TV and lent it me to record . I have got a DVD of it but it's a copy from VHS, I'd say an original VHS not a TV recorded one. Quality is OK but still a bit grainy. Also got the California kid from the same friends Dad. Again got that on DVD too. Roy, the Sherriff in the California Kid also played a police officer in the film Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. I don't recall the actors name. Edit : I had to look it up as it was bothering me lol..Vic Morrow. I have read Christine the book but it was years ago. Some of the points you mentioned I do remember now. I must read that book again. Was Christine a Belvedere in the book rather than a Fury ?
  8. No, I'd forgotten about that one. It's not that one. I'll see if i can find it.
  9. Yes, sorry. I meant the film Hot Rod. Christine the novel is very different from the film. If you haven't seen Hot Rod Craig it is worth a laugh.. I mean watch. No, seriously it is very good.
  10. It was made for TV in 1979. A bit cheesy but an enjoyable watch and a laugh at some of the lines in it. Might be on YouTube, it used to be anyway.
  11. I think it's dried up for all of them not just Cortinas. The cost of a sierra pinto these days is staggering compared to what I've paid for them in the past. Same with type 9's. Used to be about 50 quid for one of those, more like 250 now. I've got one here for a V6 which I'm hoarding "just in case"
  12. I know he's still got a lot of spares left. He often shares photos of his boxes of spares.
  13. I've personally broken 4 Cortinas but that was in the mid 90's and early 2000's. Last one was 03 as I remember. I've not seen any for breaking for years. The last I remember was one in a yard near Nantwich, a MK4 2.3 GL, probably 2015 or 16. I had a few bits off it but had to order the bits I wanted then they removed and I collected. The days of wandering around a scrap yard and seeing a Cortina are long gone sadly. Aaron Jacobs has probably had the last of the breakers although I've not heard of him having any recently either. Not forgetting the banger racers either so yes, looks like the country has more or less dried up of MK4's and 5's.
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