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  1. Nice car :thumbup: I wondered where that had been hiding.
  2. I think fitting a oil cooler rad is a good idea. I've never liked the idea of the oil from the box passing through the radiator. It can't be that efficient and there's the risk of oil getting in the water and vice versa. I am thinking of doing it If my mate comes up with the MK3 cooler.
  3. The pipes on mine are steel I think, Not copper anyway. No rubber anywhere just metal. On my car the pipes Exit/Enter the box on the drivers side then cross over to the passenger side following the line of the bellhousing and block join. Then they are bent 90 degrees and run parallel to the sump and over the crossmember to the front of the engine, Then across to the bottom of the rad. As I said earlier mine are Granada pipes but as I remember it they are the same layout as my original MK4 pipes except for the front section across to the rad. Obviously Granada would be a bit longer at the front and enter the rad at a different position hence why I "modified" mine to fit the Cortina. To be honest they could do with cutting down, Reshaping and re fit new ends to do it properly. The Spare Mk5 ones I have are shorter sections and I'm guessing they take a different route to the front of the car. Shouldn't take much working out. I can try and get some photo's if need be ? Hope this makes sense and helps :thumbup:
  4. Yes, I was just thinking. My mate had a 73 gxl auto and that had a separate cooler mounted near the rad. The box was a borg warner. He still has the cooler which I have recently asked him about as I wanted it for my C3. I have a set of pipes from a MK5 V6 auto. They are different to MK4's. Not sure about MK3. I'm currently using MK2 Granada ones which I had to modify to fit the Cortina rad. MK5 rad is different to MK4. The MK5 pipes I've got are currently hanging up in the shed.
  5. I think they will come out fairly easy looking at those welds. Does look like someone has added them on later :headscratch: Mine hasn't got those pieces. Probably forgot to fit them :lol:
  6. mk4savage

    Exhaust system

    Yeah, that's great, cheers. I'd rather collect as there's no chance of courier damage. Where are you mate ?
  7. mk4savage

    Exhaust system

    How much you thinking for that lot mate ?
  8. mk4savage

    Exhaust system

    Yes, they seem to be hard to get. There are some centre sections on ebay but they don't look like the one pictured here. I phoned a few places with not much luck but I might be getting a back box fingers crossed from Eurocarparts.
  9. mk4savage

    Exhaust system

    Cheers for them photos mate. Did you say that centre section was from a MK5 ? I think mk4 and 5 V6 are the same but not 100% sure. It's been a long time since I saw a standard system. Are they the cortina downpipes too ? Looks like a Bosal one ? Thanks mate.
  10. mk4savage

    Exhaust system

    Thanks mate, much appreciated. I may be lucky with a back box, I Phoned EuroCarparts today and they reckon they can get one, A Klarius one which I believe used to be Timax. I'll believe it when I see it though :lol:
  11. mk4savage

    Exhaust system

    Wasn't me, My original manifold cracked about 16 years ago, My Pass side manifold is a Granada one and is different to the Cortina one. Nothing wrong with mine but I wanted the correct one to fit an Exhaust but the exhaust I thought I might be getting has gone out of the window for the moment, Hence the reason I'm after a standard system to fit. I could be interested in that centre section. The company who makes the stainless ones have told me they can't make one as they don't have the pattern for it but could "copy" one. I think Mk5's are the same ?
  12. mk4savage

    Exhaust system

    Thanks mate, Just sent him a text :thumbup:
  13. mk4savage

    Exhaust system

    I have seen one on there from Germany but someone said they don't fit too well. Not sure if it's the same one you've seen ?
  14. mk4savage

    Exhaust system

    Anything considered, new, used or anything that can be copied. I need centre section, back box and left hand side down pipe. MK4 2.3 V6 Many thanks.
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