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  1. it was a mate based in blackburn called wayne, apart from a few marks that he is going to put right once its fitted up, it's as good as it looks, pm me if you need his number, cheers, chris :lol:
  2. done a lot of fitting up although the zetec isn't running yet, hoping to get it on the road for the classic ford show so fingers crossed!
  3. finally brought it home from the paintshop tonight, nearly sold it a couple of months ago! so glad i didn't, i'll get some better pics tomorrow as it was going dark when i took these
  4. or try these chris http://www.amsteer.co.uk/index.php?cPath=2_36
  5. Looks better underneith then you would think.Will see this at the Pod? not this year jono cos once the roof has been done the plan is to move the b posts back to make it a 2 door van
  6. well as the car needs a new roof i decided to flip it over to start work underneath! its very solid and the welding and mods are a credit to ots previous owner, a few of which include turreted rear shocks, a propshaft centre mount and reinforced tow bar mounts
  7. no al had removed the v6 and fitted a pinto, but i may put an essex back in
  8. hans it was registered 20th march 1968 and is a 1300 deluxe i think, chris
  9. some pics from inside the boot give an idea of how solid this car is, its never been welded underneath and doesn't need any!
  10. not sure yet jono may go zetec or i4 although might go traditional yet with a 1600gt and 2000e box,( thoughts of a jap turbo still cross my mind though) hope to have it ready for a trip to le mans in the summer!
  11. this used to belong to another bsc member (white wagon) and is now in my garage being stripped for a full rebuild, its a very solid motor although its going to need a new roof thanks to a torn vinyl holding water underneath, here's a few pics from when it arrived some time ago and as it was in its heyday when it ran the v6
  12. its now at my mates workshop and getting a sympathetic resto, we have replaced the offside front wing, bootlid, and the nearside sill, everything else will be repaired and then painted in its original blue mink
  13. after being forced to sell my 3 ltr estate last year, i now have this, its a one owner car with 35000 miles on it and despite its appearance is very solid!
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