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  1. my wife dont moan about the cars and stuff she joins in.... just give your wife some tlc mate as she no doubt feels like a ballon, they think all sorts at this time when its near the end. and she is probaly worried about the birth as its her first, just give her some tlc and cook her a nice meal and get her some flowwers. it will go along way bud..
  2. there was a woman waiting since 2005 she got 1 lined up im next m8 :winner: i will get all the new 1s one day :lol:
  3. :lol: cant be much good then :lol: bet the roof leaks they always do. and rot by the fusebox and on the back end by the petrol tank on the chassie or floor or seals :lol: check the back brakes on the cylinder's m8 they tend to be a bit crap as the last owners dont flush the brake system out so crap gets in m8. probley not been done for years :lol: also take the front bumper of to see if there is any rot there ans seams in the boot. if you keeping it that is.. the transit trailer finished all i got to do is sort out some new tyres for the alloys now.. getting another garage soon m8 im next on the list for another new1 but will take a old 1 untill the newer 1 comes up i told them on thursday :lol: and they still not got a problem with me having all of them too great a... for me any way :lol: :lol:
  4. thought you didnt like escorts dale lol
  5. i went down to see me bro on sunday. well we see 4 crashes and on the way back some silly women went to go round the roundabout and spun the car out. on the way home it was so bad started coming back at 11.45p.m didnt get home till 3.a.m the rain was that bad you couldnt see the cats eyes in the road. the weather cant get any worse..lol
  6. you can buy 2.0 lite Pinto radiator and hoses new from a autoparts shop still m8 to order they are cheap so get new ones and you can buy the disc's as well
  7. mrbass20

    4 pod gauges

    i got one of these the origanal metal one 4 in a row had it for years not use it and before i see you wanted one i cut it into two so i could put it in another car me m8 might still have one complete i will ring him tomoz and find out if you still want one m8
  8. have fun trying to get one i had to buy a complete engine to get a twin choke. i wanted to get a new one but you cant get any more as i found out! look on ebay m8 as im doing and buying the engines to get these carbs. good luck
  9. mrbass20

    gxl 4 swap

    what car you looking for ?
  10. thanks Dale. :cheers:
  11. when you down the garage next ring me or text i will get it then m8 and get it out your way
  12. ive a mk5 autobox, yours if you come and get it!!!!!!!!!! im sick of having to move it everytime i want to get my tina out!!!!!!!!!!! i take it out your way if you want m8 you should of said the other day Dale when we was there..
  13. mrbass20

    Mk 4 for sale

    If it is an origanal 1300 there is not many about as most of them had the engine changed to a 1.6 or 2ltr so if it is the origanal then it should be worth every penny. and dont forget the cheap tax as it is a 1.3 cheap insurance and so on. good starter for some one who wants a classic as a first time driver
  14. thanks m8. its not finished as yet still more to do it wont be at any shows this year but will be next year. the front still needs more work and need to sort out the end caps as they have to be shortend at the front. When all the out side is done then its will be time to do the inside in the boot and at the front end they will be seperated and the bonet pull will be in the boot.
  15. ok it worked.. great. well this is what the front end looks like. It is still not finished yet as i want to sort out the inside and box it off, it still needs to be wired up and the is a small bit of welding still to do on one of the sills,as i forgot when i was doing it as i got side tracked by somone turning up out the blue. the front lights will work and will have some marker lights on there too.it is also high as cortinadale when i gave him my cortina to swap for his as it was rotten changed the springs and shocks for the estate ones as he wanted them but i didnt get told this till i took the car.so i need to sort this out still.the axle is going to be removed as i want to clean this and sort out the paint on the axle. I have got a new cortina rad if any one wants it i want £25. for it and it is new. but no cap.
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