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  1. Chrome door trim View Advert Hi all, I am looking for the chrome trim that goes under the side window of the passenger rear door if anyone has one? Many thanks Advertiser doglips Date 05/03/2021 Price 1,234.00 GBP Category Parts Wanted  
  2. doglips

    5.5 j steel wheels

    Hi where abouts are you? Cheers
  3. doglips

    5.5 j steel wheels

    Hi where abouts are you ? Many thanks.
  4. doglips

    5.5 j steel wheels

    Hi thanks for the replys, i am in Poole dorset. Do you have any pictures? Many thanks
  5. Hi all , I am looking for 2x 5.5 j steel wheels as pictured. Many thanks.
  6. Lol? Just what i did..... ☹
  7. Hi thanks for your reply, im looking for the one that goes about half way uo the wing and runs the length of the car. Black moulding. Hope this makes sense. Many thanks.
  8. Hi all , I am looking for the rubber moulding that bolts to the passenger front wing . Any help would be much appreciated cheers.
  9. Hi thanks for the reply. It is a gl. Sorry i didn't know they were different.
  10. Hi i am after the passanger front wing rubber moulding if you have a good one? Many thanks.
  11. Hi all, Does any one have a n/s/f wing moulding or know where to get one? Many thanks.
  12. No worries, just let me know when your ready. Many thanks. Ben
  13. Ok thanks very much. Ben
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