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  1. A little photo shoot today, the estate will be featured soon in a well known classic car magazine. I couldn't help but sneak my saloon into the mix. Given she's now 6 years old since restoration, she's holding up well against the out of the box shiny new estate. Very lucky to have these 2 beauties. Now, should we find another Cortina challenge!!! 😉😁😜
  2. The springs were already on the car John when we received it. It had been partially improved on the running gear and brakes. It was missing an engine and gearbox and required the rot and bodywork sorting. Some previous owner/s had fitted the springs and partially poly bushed bits. It certainly sits well and I have it a brief run up the street prior to MOT and it rides lovely too.
  3. So it's finally finished, she passed the MOT earlier this week. Got to say I'm really proud of what we've managed to achieve. All done ourselves bar the harder welding and putting on the paint. Photo shoot for a well known magazine feature on Sunday, weather permitting!!!! Thanks for all the great comments, it's nice that people appreciate the hard work it takes. Keep it Cortina folks!!!!
  4. Thanks..... Correct font???? What should it be?
  5. So stripes have been fitted today. Can't thank Tony enough for taking the time to come and template and replica the rear wing sections to complete the estate template kit. (these are available to buy from him via Ebay in your exact cour combination for your car colour) Colours are vibrant and exact and really make the paintwork pop. So chuffed with the finished article. Can't wait to get out to a few shows later this summer. Just a few last minute bits to sort now and off for MOT very soon.
  6. Who knows, maybe! We have a small traiiler that we might fill with Cortina parts to auto jumble. I just saw it for sale, but was brand new Ford item so thought we'd fit it as an extra.
  7. Who knows, maybe! We have a small traiiler that we might fill with Cortina parts to auto jumble. I just saw it for sale, but was brand new Ford item so thought we'd fit it as an extra.
  8. Now we are onto the closing stages and most of the work is complete. We've had a brand new windscreen fitted last week and we are just in the process of cleaning things up now. Just the stripe kit to add (which we have waiting) and a good shake down and tighten of everything then ready for an MOT. Will post final pics once we have the golden ticket. 😁
  9. Inside as well as outsides been given some love. Interior was stripped, repaired or restored. To be fair it was in incredibly good condition overall and has taken very little effort to get looking really good. My friend had a few pinto engines in his lockup which we rescued and rebuilt a 205 block and head. It's been lovingly stripped, engineered and rebuilt and is running as smooth as anything. 32/36 DFAV weber fitted (opted for a new one but we did also refurb one, but decided no half measures) This car has literally been stripped and rebuilt and we couldn't be prouder that almost everything barring paint and a bit of more complex fabrication we have done ourselves.
  10. Lashings of Dinotrol into the cavities and underside has sealed it up and made it more resistent to the dreaded rust. Probably much better finished than the day it left the factory. I have to say having used this product on my father's restoration I can highly recommend it, we have nothing really to speak of and it's still as good as it was 6 years ago. Given I use the saloon in all weather's and all year round that isn't bad going
  11. Back from paint and starting to rebuild. Refurbed the wheels by hand after they'd been blasted clean. Took forever and a day to source parts. Because the car was just a shell with running gear and boxes of bits we didn't realise just how much was missing! Had some brilliant help along the way and certain people have been so generous. I can't thank Reinoud Brands enough, he's been absolutely amazing and without his help and generosity I'd really have struggled to get this finished.
  12. I bare metalled the doors and tailgate ready for the Painters. We used our rotary stripping tool, which made light work of that job. I can highly recommend getting one if you do regular resto. We found very little in the way of surprises. Each door was very solid and only one had excessive filler on the bottom panel. Probably bumped at some stage? All were very solid, with no rust.... Amazing for an almost 40 year old car
  13. The car arrived as a shell, no engine but with a 5 speed refurnished gearbox. A conversion from Auto to Manual had already been made at some stage. Shell was stripped, rot removed and panels or repairs made and fitted. Our fabricator made the panels we couldn't purchase. Someone had made a head start on the running gear, partial poly bushed and some work was already done to the brakes. We finished the poly bushing (whole car) and replaced or refurbed all the braking components, pipes etc, etc. Then onto body prep......
  14. Some of you will be familiar with this resto as I've been updating various Facebook pages. For those who aren't on FB, here's a thread intended catalogue the resto we've done over the past year or 2. We are almost finished now.
  15. I've just been quoted £300 for a manifold back system. Not certain how much with manifold it would be. Tony Banks Exhausts @ Leeds.
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