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  1. Hello, Please can someone let me know what size heater hose l need for my Mk3 GXL OHC, l am thinking it’s 16mm or maybe 19mm l would imagine it’s one or the other. Cheers Jeremy
  2. Hello, Does anybody know where l can buy an NOS genuine (flying saucer) fuel filter for my 1972 GXL l want to keep it looking original, and all the ones on eBay are after market. Cheers Jeremy
  3. Hello, Can anybody please recommend a company that will be able to mend my interior clock (for the GXL) which does work but has the habit of keep stopping, so every time l get back into the car (the next day) l have to move the hand slightly to get it going again, and when it is working it does lose time as well which is annoying. Would love some feedback. Look forward to hearing from you. Jeremy
  4. Hello, Can anybody please help me, when I go to start my car (1972 Cortina Mk3 GXL 1600 OHC) and I turn the ignition key most of the time it just clicks and wont turn the engine over, I keep trying and sometimes on the second go it turns over and sometimes it takes more goes before it will, when I last tried a couple of days ago before I had to leave it (its not parked on my property) I tried several times |(maybe about five) and it never turned over once, just kept doing that clicking sound so I gave up. Its not the starter motor as I have had it reconditioned and its working fine (I assume) the alternator is recently new, the electrical connections to the starter motor look clean, but does that necessary mean they are ok I don't know, that's why I was wondering if someone here with more knowledge could suggest what to check or what to try. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers Jeremy P.S I actually thought it was a starter motor issue that's why I had it reconditioned so you can imagine my disappointment when it was re fitted and still did it.
  5. Can anybody please supply me with the code and supplier for replacements door seals for my MK3 Cortina, that look very much like he originals especially the rubber part that presses against the door and is visible when the door is open. Cheers Jeremy
  7. Thank you very much John for taking the time to send me the ebay link, I had a look and the pictures and they seem different to the one I have, could you please take a quick look at the images I have attached just to be sure, this would me most appreciated. Cheers Jeremy
  8. Hello, Can any body please let me know the part number I need to quote, in order to purchase the correct starter motor for my 1972 Ford Cortina Mk3 GXL 1.6 auto OHC, as the companies I have contacted so far cant seem to send me the correct one without it (or cant guarantee it will be the correct one) I am unable to to take it off my original one for various reasons I| wont bore anyone with here. Here is a link from ebay to want I think will be the right one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UPRATED-HIGH-TORQUE-STARTER-MOTOR-FOR-FORD-CAPRI-MK2-MK3-1-6-CORTINA-2-0-PINTO/293616221595 I really look forward to any advice offered here! I hope to hear from somebody soon! Cheers Jeremy
  9. Thanks guys I lot of sound advice here, I will let you know how I get on!! Cheers Jeremy
  10. Thanks John do you think it’s a good idea?
  11. Hello can somebody please advice me on modifying my 1972 GXL (1.6 OHC) via fitting it with an electronic Ignition in order to assist it to start far more easily. Just to fill you in I know little about the mechanics of cars, do the degree where I have to use a local garage to do all my mechanical work for me or rather most of it, (I can change a battery, HT leads a radiator etc the sort of simple jobs that require no previous experience). What I would like to know is: 1. Is it a good idea, will it start like a dream 2. The engine bay is extremely clean and standard (as it came out of Dagenham) will this conversion change the standard look of the engine much if not at all. 3. What do i need to buy in order to do it, I have found this link on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electronic-Ignition-Kit-for-Ford-Cortina-Mk3-1-6-2-0-Motorcraft-Distributor/401910732311 IS THIS CORRECT? How do I know if I have a Motorcraft Distributor which the link says its for? Do I need to replace anything else (like the coil to a 12v if I don't already have one) someone mentioned to me I need to. 4. Will a decent local mechanic in his 30's be ok to do this job without messing it up. Please can anybody kindly help me. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers Jeremy
  12. Unfortunately it’s for my 2000e so it needs to be green tint, but thanks for getting back to me.
  13. Hi l know it’s been a long time but do you still have the NS front door glass (green tint l assume) if you do that would be terrific please let me know l look forward to hearing from you. Cheers Jeremy
  14. Can someone please advice me, its regarding my radiator on my 1972 GXL OHC 1.6 auto. Firstly were any Mk3 Cortina's fitted with the smaller radiators I believe usually found in Escorts, as this is the size of Radiator my car has fitted in it, and I have had it for nearly 20 years when it had only 5,000 miles on the clock, so I assumed this was the original Radiator of course it doesn't mean to say it wasn't replaced for some reason at one point. Also if I have an automatic I am wondering why there are no cooling pipes going into the radiator I have just a standard one with no fixtures at the bottom for pipes to go into and there are no visible pipes that I can see in the engine bay to fit into the radiator. Finally when these cars left the factory were the Rads painted in gloss black or satin black. if anybody can help me I would be most grateful.
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