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  1. now finally getting to the last bits of the build. for the first time in 17 years i drove the car out of the garage for a few pics. you cant really see the roof chop inside the garage but outside it looks killer.
  2. well really it,s only been a five year build but i did cut the floors out and roof chop it about 12 years ago. :D been on with all the interior panels. had a bit of space today so took these pics.
  3. hi, can anyone help. in need of a set of interior roof bars with the plastic end pieces for my mk2 headliner, thanks tony
  4. cheers danish, always been crap at this sort of stuff. :thumbup:
  5. finally its running. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me0HhX-fNDs
  6. yep stevewes plan is to be road legal. pete-H its not plumb crazy purple its a yamaha colour over a custom base colour with an extreme pearl over the top. heres some more engine pics for you.
  7. the bracket is for the number plate, it hinges down to get at the petrol cap.
  8. martog, i have no idea, it,s just a standard lump with a turbo for now :thumbup:
  9. busy day today, managed to get the engine and box in. and finished painting the rocker covers
  10. few pics of where im at with the project. engine goes back together next week and then back in the car and then the wiring can be finished of.dash is now painted and ready to be refitted. hopefully in the new year i can get on with the interior. happy new year every one :magic:
  11. car now really making some progress. engine back from machine and painted ready to rebuild, pedal box in and the wiring harness 90% complete.even had time this week to have a go at airbrushing the intake pipe. heres a couple of pics where im at.
  12. car now progressing well, wiring loom is now going in and the engine will be rebuilt over the next few weeks hopefully which will go back into the car before xmas so i can get it running.
  13. hi after some interior parts if anyone can help for my mk2 cortina. after an interior light, knobs for the heater controls and a pair of washer jets. be much appreciated , thanks tony
  14. couple more pics for you now on with flatting and polishing.
  15. :thumbup: car now painted. colour is spot on to how i wanted,
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