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  1. Lobby

    MK3 Restoration

    Cheers, I'll get a pack and give it a go!
  2. Lobby

    MK3 Restoration

    Oh, a quick question, what is the best product / method to clean the washer bottle? I'm sure there is a way to get the plastic looking white again or did I imagine it? Cheers
  3. Lobby

    MK3 Restoration

    Well I made some progress today, I got the dash fascia back in and working and stripped the carb down ready for a rebuild as the car still won't run properly. I also ran into a problem with the headlights :( It's almost like this car doesn't want to be back on the road, it's fighting me at every stage :(
  4. What an amazing looking car! Top work :)
  5. Bring the thunder! Sounds great 👍
  6. Thank you, if you could have a look that would be good. I'm also going to have a search around at work tomorrow to see if I've got any black plastic to modify one of mine :)
  7. Lobby

    MK3 Restoration

    Thanks Craig, I'll let you know
  8. Hi All, Has anyone got a nice condition dash fascia? My old one (first photo) is pretty battered and has a piece missing below the heater controls. I had another one in the shed, I cleaned it up and just started fitting it up but have just found that someone has enlarged the radio aperture (I didn't notice until I tried to put the radio cage in!)
  9. Lobby

    MK3 Restoration

    The new indicator lense is the poshest bit on the whole car! Thanks Craig.
  10. Four of them, only two are intact on my car (broken, missing nuts etc).
  11. Thanks Craig, I'll pm you. I don't suppose you've got any dash clips / captive nuts have you, most of mine are either broken or missing!
  12. Lobby

    MK3 Restoration

    Thanks Craig :)
  13. Hi, Has anyone got a nearside front indicator lense in better condition than mine? Also, is it easy to get hold of decent cigarette lighter sockets? The contacts in mine are quite corroded and I'm not sure whether the cheap ones on Ebay would fit and are of decent quality. Cheers.
  14. Lobby

    MK3 Restoration

    Hi All, managed to get into a few niggly issues over the last few weekends and have a few queries that I'm hoping that someone can help with :) Heater controls: The heater blower only works on speed two, I've been told (thanks Craig) that the contacts need to be cleaned. Do I need to disconnect the cables and totally remove it to do this and is it the 3 rivetted contacts I've circled that could be the problem? I'm assuming the other part of the controls I've circled is the earth contact that is common for all speeds? Also, should the taped up brown wire be connected to anything? Lastly, should the bulb that's floating around be clipped in somewhere to light up the heater controls? Thanks in advance.
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