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  1. A little bit far from me I'm afraid, sorry.
  2. Which area of Sussex, East or West?
  3. Provisionally taken, just awaiting collection.
  4. Hi all, due to the flared arches being fitted to my car I have an old wing (minus the wheel arch) going spare. As you can see from the pictures it has been cut about quite a bit but I thought I'd offer it on here before scrapping it in case someone could make use of the remaining sections to repair another wing. Free but would need to be collected from either Fareham or Basingstoke (Hampshire).
  5. My thoughts exactly.
  6. His original one???????????
  7. https://www.imcdb.org/v018820.html :thumbup:
  8. I can probably help out but I'm on holiday and won't be back until next Sunday. What area of Southampton?
  9. They have the single fuel line clips here, not sure about the twin version though....... Oldpartstore Or as already said Bresco
  10. Hi, I just received an email from Photobucket stating that they have restricted my account as I've been using it to post pictures on forums etc!!!! I'm not paying them to upgrade my account so what are my other options to post photos on here? Please bear in mind that my computer knowledge is limited ;) Cheers.
  11. I might be after a set of these if they'll fit a MK3 'Tina?
  12. It's hip to be square :)
  13. You're a star, Pm'd you. :thumbup:
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