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  1. Lobby

    Breaking mk3

    I know, they would never survive in the post :( Hopefully some will turn up closer to home (South coast). Cheers.
  2. Lobby

    Breaking mk3

    Ok, no worries, thank you.
  3. Lobby

    Breaking mk3

    Are the gutter trims available and in good nick?
  4. Thank you, if you have some bits to help me out just drop me a pm with prices etc 😊 Thanks again.
  5. The nsf is the only broken one but they are all pretty ragged and don't look good against the black paint.
  6. Hi All, the re-assembly of my MK3 has begun! It does mean that I need some help in sourcing a few bits and pieces that were broken or missing before / during the restoration......... Petrol flap rubber bung Gutter trim N/S (non vinyl roof if that makes a difference) Potentially a really good condition square headlight front grille Outer door handle plastic spacers / gaskets as mine are broken (please see photo) Plastic caps / covers that fit over the windscreen wiper shaft underneath the wiper arms (please see photo) Bonnet stay grommet and retaining clip Many thanks in advance 🙂
  7. Hi, thank you. Can you please pm me your PayPal details, are they the same as last time? Cheers.
  8. Facelift, are they in good nick? Cheers.
  9. Had anyone got any Mk3 kick panels they would be willing to sell? Black would be good to match my interior. Many thanks.
  10. Any offers so far? I'll be passing through Honiton on my way back from holiday next month and could get them as far as Basingstoke or Southampton?
  11. A little bit far from me I'm afraid, sorry.
  12. Which area of Sussex, East or West?
  13. Provisionally taken, just awaiting collection.
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