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    messing about with old fords having a few beers meeting fellow ford owners..and having a laugh
  1. thanks for your reply mark ..no thanks that is on the block
  2. hi gang looking for a breather pipe with elbow that slides over the engine breather cheers
  3. MK1MAD

    1500 engine

    Hi gang..looking to uprade the tina with a 1500 engine.....in bits or complete cheers
  4. MK1MAD

    1500 engine

    Many thanks for you reply
  5. MK1MAD

    1500 engine

    hi gang looking for a 1500 engine stripped or complete for my mk1..the engine that's in it is a 1300 pre xflow .can anyone tell me what its worth cheers
  6. MK1MAD

    wanted mk1 cortina

    afternoon gang.. I'm asking for your help !! looking for a mk1 tina not bothered what model..would like a running project if pos but beggars can't be choosers cheers norm
  7. MK1MAD

    Mk1 Cortina 2 door

    Hi rob please could you send me some pics Cheers norm Ps very interested
  8. hi were abouts in manchester ?
  9. hi sorry for the delay its says M2 285 i was going to put into my crossflow 711 cheers norm 07970241080
  10. Brand new still has protective film on and in a plastic cover box is worn sensible offers please will send photo on request Cheers
  11. evening chaps anyone help !!! looking for a set of double valve springs and caps for my 1600 - 711m kent engine as i'm putting a piper 285 cam in, so need the springs cheers norm ps if anyone has any ideas of another cam to use please tell :D
  12. Morning what about £30.00 all in Cheers norm
  13. MK1MAD

    pistons wanted

    hi all, looking for a set of +40 or 60 pistons for a 1600 rebuild it has a flat head cheers
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