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  1. thanks for your reply mark ..no thanks that is on the block
  2. hi gang looking for a breather pipe with elbow that slides over the engine breather cheers
  3. evening guys and girls totally p$%&"%*&f question ..damaged my mk1 Cortina flywheel (what a plonker) can I use a Anglia one ?..or better still is there one out there with my name on it ? cheers gang
  4. MK1MAD

    1500 engine

    Hi gang..looking to uprade the tina with a 1500 engine.....in bits or complete cheers
  5. that's it all done many thanks for everyone's help :cheers:
  6. Maybe a bit thick here but I have two brown yellows together going to D and a green and a brown together going to B and one green and brown going to F Get that the thick wires join together but what about the thin wire going to F Cheers
  7. big thanks for that fan belt and alternator fitting in the morning broom broom
  8. evening chaps ..think this might of been on the forum before ?if you can please put on to it great ..if not help is needed converting my mk1 dynamo to alt but what do I do with the wires from the reg box ???? cheers norm
  9. MK1MAD

    1500 engine

    Many thanks for you reply
  10. MK1MAD

    1500 engine

    hi gang looking for a 1500 engine stripped or complete for my mk1..the engine that's in it is a 1300 pre xflow .can anyone tell me what its worth cheers
  11. MK1MAD

    wanted mk1 cortina

    afternoon gang.. I'm asking for your help !! looking for a mk1 tina not bothered what model..would like a running project if pos but beggars can't be choosers cheers norm
  12. Evening gang converting my 1600e rubber tops to hunter roller tops can anyone help .. I've got the tops what else do I need to make them fit Cheers If this topic has been on before could you put me on to it
  13. MK1MAD

    Mk1 Cortina 2 door

    Hi rob please could you send me some pics Cheers norm Ps very interested
  14. hi were abouts in manchester ?
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