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  1. Hi all, I've at to remove the igniton switch fault finding. Before I removed the switch I numbered all the wires and numbered the terminals, plus done a diagram. Well, it turned out the permanent marker I used to number the terminals wasn't so permanent, they have all rubbed off. On removal of the switch I noticed that there are numbered stamped on the card around the terminals. So, can anyone tell me witch wire goes to what terminal please. Thank you
  2. Hi all, my n/s/r I has rusted through so if a ages to get a replacement which I've prepped and sprayed in the correct colour, Anchor Blue. Anyway, the old door seal was rotten, so I purchased a complete set of 4 door seals. Unfortunately the seals didn't come with clips to fit the seal to the door. So, I've brought some seal clips that fit the holes in the door. I've found the door seals from a Mondeo fits perfectly. Then, I drilled holes in the correct places and used a tube of 'work'. It's a sealant and a adhesive too. It's clear which helps. I filled the drilled holes with the 'Worx' and then pushed the clips into the holes. I let the suff dry for a few days and now I've fitted door seal and the clips have stayed put. I'm going to try and fit the door the weekend. Happy days :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  3. Thanks all, my car has got the longer gearstick and it has no fuse box so I take it it's a series 1 many thanks for your help.
  4. Thank you so much for your effort in scanning the manual. It will come in very handy :thumbup: :thumbup:
  5. Hi guys, is there a way of tell img if my mk2 Cortina is a series 1 or series 2. It was built in September 1968. I've translated my vin plate details but it still doesn't give me the series number.
  6. Thanks Mk2 Addict, I'll give it a go the weekend. Cheers
  7. Morning all, Can anyone please tell me the best way to remove my MK2 N/S/R door. It's passed its best and I have a replacement painted and ready to fit. Thanks, Brian
  8. Hi all, I've recently had my door handles re-chromed and the guy who done them has lost the screws that go in the back of the door buttons that opens the door. Can someone please tell me the size of these screws so I can get some replacements. Many thanks Brian
  9. Hi Tony, thanks, I do already have a in-line one but I want to make the car as original has possible.
  10. Hi all, can anyone please give me the dimensions of the fuel filter element that fits into the glass bowl fuel pump. I need a fuel element as my car hasn't got one, a supplier sad he might be able to get one for me but he needs to know the size. Many thanks
  11. Hi all, I've been ask by my father in law to sale these mirror for him. On the rear of the mirror is stamped Wingard Villietta any ideas please? They are in good condition.
  12. Hi, have you got any seat covers for a mk2 series 1 deluxe please. The pattern runs from front to back. I'm after front seat covers. Many thanks Brian
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