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  1. Jamsy

    Roofrack for Mk2

    Cheers, I'll look into postage and get back to you
  2. Jamsy

    Roofrack for Mk2

    Looking for a roof rack for my Mk2.
  3. Jamsy

    Cortina Wanted

    Cheers fatboy, I hadn't seen that. Think it is Niki off of here that is selling it though. Got my aye on a Mk2 but waiting to see how that pans out :)
  4. Jamsy

    Cortina Wanted

    I would love one Brendan but couldn't afford it unfortunately.
  5. Jamsy

    Cortina Wanted

    Hi Conrad, yes some pics and details would be great thanks. My email is jamesneil@aol.com :thumbup:
  6. Jamsy

    Cortina Wanted

    Just seen that there Henry, looks really good. Quite strong money for a replica though?
  7. Jamsy

    Cortina Wanted

    Haha cheers. I should of added 'Blue mk5 like Father Teds' as an option :)
  8. Jamsy

    Cortina Wanted

    Hello folks, Im new to the club and looking for a Mk1 or Mk2 Cortina 2 door. Can't afford a genuine Lotus but would like a replica or one that I could eventually be turned into a replica. I would consider a nice 4 door mk2 though. Anyone know of anything along those lines coming up for sale? Cheers, James
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