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  1. Does anyone have or know where I can buy a glove box retaining clip like the one in the photos. Ours has been broken. Also, we purchased some new door seals which although they do the job, they are bulbous and you have to slam the doors to get them to shut. We have made perforation holes in them which has helped a little but still not a good fit. Does anyone know of anywhere that manufacturers seals like the original ones, or even have some good condition original ones for sale? Thank you 😊
  2. Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I should be able to get a courier for around £7-8 if you still want it? I have a PayPal account. Let me know and if so, send me your name and address and I'll get it sent off for you this week. Thanks Jane
  3. I'll look in to the cost of it, it's quite a large item. Maybe a courier would be cheaper? I'll let you know
  4. I have for sale n/s front and rear door cards in tan vinyl with lovely wooden trim. Very good condition, nice and straight with no water damage, no rips or tears in the vinyl and the panel clip holes are intact which is rare ! There is some staining along to top of the door cards so they could do with a good clean. Looking for £30 each
  5. Excellent! Are they in good condition? If so I'll have them. Do you have PayPal?
  6. peskywabbit

    Badge clips

    Does anyone have any badge clips like these? Need about 12 please
  7. Thank you, fingers crossed 😃 Just seen your location, I work there!!
  8. Does anyone have, or know of, a full set of good condition window chrome trims for sale for a 4-door MK3 please?
  9. Hi, might be interested in this. Is it a good one, all the gears OK or does it need attention? We've got a Sierra 2.0 pinto engine in the MK3
  10. Oh, didn't realise. Thank you for the info :-)
  11. OK, thank you. When you get a chance to look, please let me know what you have. Thank again :-)
  12. Thanks for your reply, yes, I'm watching them :thumbup: If you have the other bits as well that would be marvellous. What sort of condition are they (and the other bits) in? The ones on our car at the moment were perfect but the 'restorers' (aka bodgers) we took it too re-fitted them using a hammer and dinted them :angry2:
  13. Does anyone have, or know where there are any, chrome weathersrips and door window surrounds for a 1972 4-door MK3 as shown in the attached photo? Thanks guys
  14. Hi, just getting back to you about the windscreen chrome trim and corners you have. Do you have the rubbers as well? How much would you be looking for? Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for your time.


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