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  1. Yes definately elped and made sense.Thanks
  2. Thanks a lot sir great help!!!
  3. Hi i am going to install non static seat belts at the rear any pics? Thanks
  4. I know its been 2 years but is it still available. If you have it in white its brilliant.Thanks
  5. Hi looking for a prefacelift Mk3 windscreen washerbottle. Must be in very good shape and able to post ta a uk address. Thanks alot.
  6. Yes in Malta a lot of people say 13 hp instead of 13cc :) not my car but posted as it looks ok
  7. https://www.maltapark.com/item/details/7139698
  8. Check burtons brake kits
  9. Thanks a lot guys i think i will go for the stainless steel ones. Cheers
  10. Thanks yes they do look strange,Thanks again
  11. HI Danish these will do however i have no idea where mine are so unsure what size and length to look for. Thanks
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