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  1. Great Job!!! Glad you are working on it again!!
  2. Did you spray that? came nice!
  3. Thanks if you find it and can post it would be great. Hear from you
  4. Hi i am looking for a prefacelift choke cable for an early mk3. This is the type that fits on the steering column and slides. Thanks in advance
  5. .... doesn't beat a V8 sound though :)
  6. Finally got the Yamaha R1 bike carbs on after 5 long years in storage i had bought from the states when i bought my MK3. They run like a dream and quite easy to set up after you get the hang of it(as in silicone hoses and other stuff). Still running on the original mechanical fuel pump. The throttle response is instant much way better than my weber 32/36 . I highly recommend them, thanks to the great help i received from Danst Engineering with their advice.
  7. This isn't Pete's car though.
  8. Try to do at least an hour or 2 a day and you will get there. If you leave it there the motivation to finish it off dies.Come on .....we need to see it done!!
  9. Thanks a lot! The grille, well yes some have said that too but i like the classic chrome look on dark cars.
  10. Thanks Deano how are you doing on yours?
  11. After 5 long years of spending thousands of money its officially over. Had the image wheels arrive and wrapped them today with toyo195 50 15.Thanks To RichardJ for the valuable information and help you provided. Thanks to all for the help provided throught this journey. Will post my progress on the bike carbs i have just fitted.
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