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  1. I really meant the worst to look at. I should have stated that in my original post.
  2. I could well be an age thing. I remember seeing Cortinas, Capris and Granadas being flung around on programmes like The Sweeney, The Professionals and Minder etc and I'm sure that's a reason why I love Fords of the seventies so much.
  3. Yeah I'm like that too. Don't tempt fate. Good man!
  4. The worst Ford ever made? Sorry if this upsets anyone but my vote goes to -
  5. I assume the Cortina is everyone's favourite Ford here but what's the second best? I like the Mk2 Escorts but I think the prices are stupid now and I just don't think they're worth the asking price. I also love the Mk1 Granada and the Mk3 Escorts. In fact I seriously considered the Mk3 Escort on the Affordable Classics website (now sold and awaiting collection) but as it's at the other end of the country, I decided to leave it.
  6. I've decided to hold out for the Cortina that I really want rather than just buying the first good example that comes along. It may take me days or it may take me years but I'm in no rush and I'm sure I'd be happier with the model and spec I desire, so I was wondering how long it took you chaps and chapettes to find your beloved Cortinas?
  7. That colour is beautiful and suits a MK3 perfectly. I can't wait to see the finished photos.
  8. I bet there are only about three Cortinas left in that colour. That's pretty special in my book.
  9. I'd definitely keep the colour. It's so rare it adds to the allure for me. You'll be hard pushed to find another one the same and that's a great thing in a motoring world full of blandness. I've only managed to find a couple of photos of another Cortina that colour and when it's polished and has the chromework sparkling, I think it'll look cool. Check out the photo (I wouldn't add the fat wheels this guy has though, but it isn't may car of course).
  10. Ask the warthog to start gurning and it'd look just like the Nissan.
  11. Probably caused by my Cortina starvation. I'm drooling over everyones motors.
  12. Even more fun, which was the ugliest car ever built? My nomination - The Nissan Juke. I think we all know what the designer took his inspiration from.
  13. Visually which do you prefer? The Cortina wins for me. The rear of the Taunus looked a touch gawky in comparison. I always loved the rear light clusters on the MK3 Cortina and I was so proud that my dad had chosen well. In fact the only other light clusters that came close were those hockey stick shaped ones on the Hillman Avenger.
  14. Why do bikes have souls but not cars? I think cars are far more evocative than bikes. Their shapes have more seductive qualities whereas bikes just look the same. I know it's about driving too but I believe it all starts with the shape.
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