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  1. The pictures are OK, but they upload upside down and I dont know why :( There is more progress , I will upload more pictures soon ;)
  2. Start the work on the car again after a year delay. Here is my 2000 V6 rebuild.
  3. Can't understand the question but thanks. The colour is very crazy. It looks a bit diffrent in real , the pictures can't show it.
  4. Some pictures from the trip with the coupe from Varna to Sofia.
  5. We start the work again and now the paint is ready and looks great!
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for Cortina/Taunus TC1, 2 door, GXL chrome trims that goes both sides along the whole car. I have the three trims for the right rear quarter panel with the fuel cap and the trim for the right door. Need to buy whole set of trims or the trim for the front wings/fenders,left door and left rear quarter panel. Please help! Also looking for the chrome for the wheel arches ,all of them.
  7. The doors need some repair after the sand. The first filler. The last rusty place was in the trunk.
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