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  1. chinkamon

    Worn leaf springs

    Picture taken today
  2. chinkamon

    Worn leaf springs

    Don't know if they're any good to anyone but they were pretty much straight when on my mk1 shame to throw them Don't know if they can be rearched Of you're interested let me know an I'll get some photos
  3. chinkamon

    Clear hooter hi and low horns

  4. chinkamon

    Clear hooter hi and low horns

    Took off my mk1 as wanted smaller horns fitted out of sight, they work fine, give a nice 'toot' Have more photos but can't upload them as they're too big? Collection from Hereford or can post at your expense £20 or offers
  5. chinkamon

    1500 carb and manifold

    Taken off my mk1 as fitted gt carb and manifold worked spot on, was going to keep but it's getting in the way now so thought I'd see if someone else wants it? Collection form Hereford or I can arrange postage at your cost I have more photos but it won't let me upload them as they're too big? £50 or offers
  6. chinkamon

    Massive garage clearout underway

    Sent Keith Thanks again
  7. chinkamon

    Massive garage clearout underway

    So £14 for 2 window winders an 2 door handles yes?
  8. chinkamon

    Massive garage clearout underway

    If you want let me know your PayPal and how much an ill send you the money now, save paying ebay fees
  9. chinkamon

    Massive garage clearout underway

    I'd like the window winders and door handles, do u prefer buying through ebay or here Keith?
  10. chinkamon

    1966 4 door cortina breaking for parts

    Would you have the rubber seals that go round the front quarterlights both sides?
  11. So it's up for sale as I seen something else I want but I'm not desperate to sell so if it doesn't sell, I'll keep her and enjoy her myself. I can't upload pictures On here? So if you're interested pm me your email and I'll send some over £9500 firm  63 mk1 cortina 1500, not gt, manual 4 speed, 4 door, mechanically she's almost as stock as the day she left the factory. Front springs are an inch lower than stock, But does have new halogen headlights, new fuse box for lights, heater, rad fans, ignition, it is a aftermarket box able to do whole car but majority of wiring for lesser wattage items was in good shape so left the extra wiring bundled up under dash in case ever needed to use.  Prev owner took back to bare metal an rebuilt photos to prove, a auto shop repair friend said it looks like there was moisture in the pipes as has little bubbles in some parts of the paint but not that noticeable unless u look for it, but only bits of rust are around the exhaust and on 1 strut top mount which isn't structural. Removed front silencer and added a cherry bomb on the back not too loud though, running on 13" lotus rims New mechanical fuel pump, leads, carb, battery, points and condenser, in line fuel filter, new fuel tank from team deville at 500 pound! New fuel sender, Elec temp controlled rad fans, rear seat belts, Will come with 4 good as new spare tyres, gt carb and inlet manifold and polished stainless exhaust manifold cost £300 as well as a few sets of su carbs and twin su carb manifold that I bought to play about with but couldn't bear to mess with the car as runs perfectly Pm me if you're serious, then I'll pass on my number or email, no tyre kickers or dreamers I don't have the patience! 😂
  12. The old chaps looking to source a few bits as above, not looking for anythin racy just standard is fine doesn't have the world to spend so sensible prices only thanks guys an girls
  13. chinkamon

    5 speed type 9 gearbox

    Is that £100 for prop AND back axle??
  14. chinkamon

    MK 1 centre console (or ideas)

    Pete I see a business opportunity for urself an me hahha